New Dyson Gen5 Detect stick vacuum unveiled in South Korea

Dyson Gen5 Detect

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As we know, Dyson takes a particular interest in the Asian market, as evidenced by the relocation of its head office to Singapore in 2019. It therefore happens that certain British products are developed for this part of the world before reaching Europe. This was the case, for example, of the Omni-Glide which ended up crossing the borders of the EU.

It was in South Korea that the new Dyson stick vacuum was unveiled, much less disruptive than the Omni-Glide. The Gen5 Detect indeed takes up the general architecture of models such as the V15 Detect. We find the revolver handle and the waste collector placed in the axis of the air flow. The suction tube passes through the articulated bottom of the collector, and it is therefore very likely that the Point & Shoot emptying system, inaugurated on the V10, is still in the game.

You have to dissect the Gen5 Detect to discover the novelty of this model, the Gen 5 Hyperdymium engine from which it takes its name. “With this new motor, this is perhaps the most powerful cordless vacuum we’ve ever made”, underlines Charmlie Park, vice-president of the department of floor care at Dyson. According to the manufacturer’s data, we go from a suction power of 230 airwatts for the V15 Detect to 262 airwatts for this Gen5 Detect – the airwatts express a ratio between the air flow and the depression of it produced here by a vacuum cleaner. Note, however, that Dyson does not provide any information on the airflow or depression created by its vacuum cleaners; it is therefore difficult to draw a conclusion on the cleaning performance of the Gen5 Detect.

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The Gen 5 Hyperdymium engine.

© Dyson

As a good Dyson stick vacuum, the Gen5 Detect benefits from multi-cyclonic filtration to separate air from dust and redirect it to the waste bin. This first barrier is backed up by a foam filter and a HEPA filter which, still according to Charlie Park, “captures 99.99% of very fine dust and therefore the smallest viruses”.

As its name suggests, the Gen5 Detect is equipped with the particle counter already seen on the V15 Detect. In addition to the precise count of the dust sucked up, this tool is mainly used by the Gen5 to modulate its suction power according to the dirtiness of the floor in order to extend the autonomy of the stick vacuum cleaner. On this subject, the British promises 70 min of continuous suction, obviously at the lowest power level and without an electrobrush connected. The brand points out that the green laser installed on the suction head, which facilitates the identification of dust, has been improved. Brighter, its field of action is also wider to cover more surface.


The control panel is a mix between those of the V12 Slim and the V15 Detect.

© Dyson

The Gen5 Detect benefits from the very slight advances glimpsed on recent Dyson models, such as a removable battery, similar to that found on the manufacturer’s devices stamped Extra, as well as the abandonment of the trigger to be kept pressed to continue the suction (split suction) in favor of a simple on/off switch (continuous suction). This change in philosophy had been inaugurated on the V12 Slim and it seems to have won over the engineers who are therefore extending it to the Gen5 Detect.

This device was first launched in South Korea at a price of 1.39 million won, or a good thousand euros. For the moment, no distribution date and no price have been announced for Europe, a fortiori for France.

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