New British Prime Minister Liz Truss is throwing billions at the gas crisis

New British Prime Minister Liz Truss is throwing billions at the gas crisis

For the third time, Britain will relies on a woman in difficult times

“Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do” – these are the words of Liz Truss, who was elected leader of the British Conservative Party and who will be the next Prime Minister of Great Britain from Tuesday. She says them when she is very young and getting on a plane, she receives a “Junior Stewardess” badge from the crew. Instead of being happy about the gift, as children usually do, Liz immediately looks at what badges are being given to her three brothers. When he discovers that theirs are actually marked “Junior Pilot”, he irritably throws out the sentence in question.

In recent days, it has been very often recalled by the British media, who are trying to figure out how, in 8 weeks, 47-year-old Liz Truss managed to turn from an outsider in the contested leadership race of the Tories into a winner. And this way

to make the children’s wish come true it’s a dream to become like Margaret Thatcher

The first female Prime Minister of Great Britain has always been a role model for Liz, although she was raised in a family of leftists who did not approve of her austerity-based conservative policies. Her father, John Truss, is a university lecturer in mathematics and to this day cannot accept that his daughter has joined the ranks of the Conservative Party. When she became its member, he criticized her decision, and later refused to join her election campaign for a deputy. However, her mother Priscilla does, although she also does not sympathize with the Tories, but knows that it is very important for their daughter’s political career. During the leadership race, she was now also by her side, while John Truss tactically went abroad to stay out of the way.

Even as a schoolgirl, Liz Truss said she wanted to be like Thatcher, but she didn’t like being a Conservative. He even participated in protests with his parents during her rule with demands for nuclear disarmament. When he went to study at Oxford, he joined the ranks of the Liberal Democrats, but admitted to friends that it would be difficult to realize his dream of becoming prime minister if he stayed with them, as power had been passed between the Conservatives and Labor for years. In 1996, she became a member of the Conservative Party, but only in 2010 was she elected as an MP by it, although she ran for various positions several times. He manages to break through once as a municipal councilor in the London Borough of Greenwich. In 2009 the Tory leader

David Cameron discovered her for big politics

and supports her candidacy for deputy. However, some in the Conservatives are opposed because of reports that she had an extramarital affair with married MP Mark Field. However, she managed to fight for the parliamentary seat, as well as to save her marriage to the accountant Hugh O’Leary. They have been together since 2000 and have two daughters. During the campaign for the leadership post, she also had to answer for her 1994 speech against the monarchy, from which she distanced herself.

Since 2012, Liz Truss has continuously held various ministerial positions in Conservative governments, most recently as Foreign Secretary. However, he was not initially among the favorites to succeed Boris Johnson. She even chose not to take sides in the government’s illegal party scandals that led to his resignation. Truss, 47, skillfully kept her distance from them, concentrating on her duties as first diplomat. And although she made a few blunders over the war in Ukraine, she managed to get out dry and become a key candidate to succeed Johnson after the various party wings clashed so much that they failed to gather wider support for their contenders .

Thus, for the third time, Britain will rely on a woman to rule it in a time of extreme crisis. The big question many Island analysts are asking is what management style he will demonstrate. Will she impose unpopular decisions with an iron hand like Thatcher, or will she have a softer and more dialogic style like Theresa May when she had to rally support for Brexit.

The first serious test for it is how it will deal with the energy crisis and the record inflation for the last 40 years. During the campaign, she campaigned on cutting some taxes to leave more money for businesses and people to meet the new 80% increase in electricity and gas bills that is being cooked up from October. She was criticized for this proposal by former finance minister Rishi Sunak, who was her main competitor for the prime minister’s post. Now her team reveals that they are preparing a larger plan with a number of measures for about 100 billion pounds, with which they will try to freeze gas prices. They plan to take out new loans and “some fiscal easing” to help people who will not be able to pay their bills in the winter, and this will be done in a fiscally responsible way. It’s a pretty significant change from Liz Truss’s initial requests, which has once again provided her critics with arguments that she lacks managerial focus and is actually driven by things that seem more popular at the moment. For this reason, she is called a political chameleon, who can hardly achieve unity among the divided Tories. They also recall how she campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU during the Brexit referendum in 2016 and then how she quickly moved into the ranks of the most active conservatives to implement the separation. Truss herself explained that since the exit from the union has already happened, it is a closed page, and she believes that the country can achieve greater prosperity outside the European Community.

Her relatives claim that she did not just want to become prime minister, but to go down in the country’s history as a successful prime minister. That’s why

he does not intend to slave of ideological prejudice and conservative traditions

For example, for the first time the three key roles in government – the ministers of finance, foreign affairs and home affairs – will not be entrusted to white men.

Political commentators predict she will find it very difficult to govern, not only because she is handed the toughest to-do list to befall a British prime minister in decades, but also because she is handed an extremely divided party. 57% of rank-and-file conservatives voted for her, the lowest support since they were given the right to have the final say in choosing their leader in 2001.

During her victory speech on Monday, Liz Truss did not say much about how she would lead Britain out of the crisis. She preferred to thank her predecessor Boris Johnson for the things he did during the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, as well as for the worthy performance of her main opponent Rishi Sunak. However, neither of them is likely to find a place in her future team. Who will be the new ministers will become clear on Tuesday, after Queen Elizabeth II gave Truss a mandate to form a cabinet.

For the first time, the handover ceremony will not take place at Buckingham Palace, but at the Queen’s Scottish residence. 96-year-old Elizabeth’s personal doctors have advised her not to travel due to her fragile health.