Never waste your time! Jaferovic gets rich suddenly after “And…

They have business acumen

The Jaferovic family has become a real brand in recent years. Vanya and Evgenia are one of the favorite faces of most native brands and we’ve seen them advertise everything.

But the family (unlike other influencers) does not waste their time and does not rely only on sponsored posts. The two have created businesses from which they also profit.

The past two years have been difficult for restaurants, but this did not prevent the Jaferovic family from opening a bar in the center of Sofia. It must have been a long-thought-out project, as it appears to have been a success.

Vanya Dzaferovich is a co-owner of modern gyms in the heart of Sofia. And here we can say that it is a question of well-thought-out projects, since these gyms are not classic, but offer innovative group training. Something that, judging by the interest in them, is going well, writes

Relatively recently, Evgenia Jaferovic, who is also a make-up artist by profession, started her own business venture. She offers makeup brushes, and judging by other influencers’ reviews, they’re well worth it. Vanya is a co-owner of the gyms, and Evgenia – of a walking beauty studio. Its location is great, and the prices are not too high.


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