Netflix wants you to do your daily exercise in front of its programs too

In the 1980s, Véronique and Davina got the French moving on Antenne 2 every morning. This aerobics television program lasting between 35 and 60 minutes lasted only 4 years, but it marked the minds of an entire generation, also helping to democratize women’s sport. It must be said that the show reached up to 12 million viewers per episode.

Forty years later, the audiovisual landscape has changed a lot, and American video streaming platforms are strengthening their grip on the available brain time of the French. After importing the binge-watching on our territory, our comrades across the Atlantic now intend to make us sweat in front of Netflix.

30 hours of exercise sessions

In a statement, Netflix presented new programs concocted in partnership with another great habit-maker, Nike. The firm indicates that the program called Nike Training Club will be online from December 30. “Each Nike Training Club program consists of several episodes, for a total of 30 hours of exercise sessions divided into two batchesthe statement said. Programs will be available in multiple languages ​​across all Netflix plans, with workouts for all fitness levels and interests.”.

Concretely, it is not a question of making you run or practice basketball in your living room. These are mostly fitness and yoga programs. Subscribers can search “Nike” on Netflix to find this collection of workouts. The company specifies that additional programs will be added in 2023. As for the date chosen for the launch, it does not seem insignificant in view of the excesses expected during the end of year celebrations…

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