Netflix renews Wednesday for season 2

It’s not really a surprise, but it’s finally confirmed: after its success on Netflix, the series Wednesday has just been officially renewed for a season 2. A new chapter that promises to explore a little more “the crazy scary worldfrom Nevermore Academy, according to the creators.


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An expected season 2

Released on November 23 on the streaming platform, Wednesday became in a few weeks a real phenomenon, and the third most popular Netflix series of all time, behind Stranger Things and Squid Game. Series Wednesday is one of the very nice surprises of 2022, and offers a successful mix of horror investigation, teen drama and intergenerational intrigue, as you can read in our review. Wednesday’s dance and its many covers, a phenomenon that has gone viral on video platforms, bears witness to this enormous popular success.

If this success could suggest that a sequel was guaranteed, rumors had emerged about the possibility of seeing the series migrate to Prime Video due to the recent takeover of MGM (producer of Wednesday) by Amazon. These rumors turned out to be unfounded, the series having been ordered before the operation, and the future of Wednesday will do well on Netflix. Netflix formalized the renewal of the series with a short and funny video.

  • Watch the Season 2 announcement of Wednesday :

This series adapted from the universe of characters created by Charles Addams in 1938 follows the student years of the eldest of the Addams family, as she tries to master her new physical abilities and solve the mystery that involved her parents. Jenna Ortega is one of the revelations of the year in the lead role, alongside a quality cast including Christina Ricci, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Gwendoline Christie. Filmmaker Tim Burton (beetle juice, Batman) also directed the first four episodes.

Interviewed by our colleagues from The Hollywood Reporterco-creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar gave some hints on what we can expect from this season 2: “In the future, we want to explore the complicated relationships between the characters. […] The series is also about this female friendship, with Wednesday and Enid really being at the center of it. […] The other really interesting thing is continuing to explore the mother-daughter relationship between Wednesday and Morticia”. Gough and Millar thus stated that they had “at least three or four seasons of potential storylines for the characters”.

No release date has yet been announced for this season 2.

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