Netflix Allows Lists, Recommendations, and Playback History to Be Exported to a New Account

Netflix goes out of its way to convince you to stay on its platform. While the streaming giant has just formalized its subscription with advertisements at €5.99 per month, another highly anticipated novelty has just emerged: the possibility of exporting its viewing data to another account.

My own Netflix

In a blog post dated October 17, 2022, Netflix details how this new tool works. If a member of your family or one of your friends hosts several profiles on the same account, it will be possible for each user to export in a few clicks “their personalized recommendations, history, roster, saved games and other settings” to a new personal account.

This will allow, for example, young adults who want to leave the digital family cocoon to take out a personal Netflix subscription without losing the precious algorithmic recommendations and the dozens of titles that are patiently waiting on their waiting list. To operate a profile transfer, simply go to the drop-down menu at the top right, click on Transfer profile then fill in the email address and password you want to use for your brand new personal account. In two or three clicks, your data will be transferred to the new account on which you can find your good old habits.

The feature is just beginning its rollout and does not appear on all accounts yet. An email will be sent to you when this is the case. The account manager can also disable profile transfer.

Another way to fight account sharing

A copy of the exported data will be kept on the original account until the profile is assigned to someone else. Unfortunately, it is not possible to export all this data to an open format and then import it to another profile on another account that does not belong to you. The export can only be done to a new account, which must be created for the occasion. The reason for this limitation is simple: Netflix wants to inflate its subscriber base.

Profile transfer allows Netflix to encourage those who share passwords to purchase their own subscription without losing the algorithmic personalization painstakingly built up over the years. While Netflix regularly tries to tighten the screws on account sharing, profile transfer appears as a way for the platform to offer a path to redemption before more drastically limiting account sharing.

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