Nencho Balabanov officially joined the family team

As one of the oldest settlements in Europe, dating back three thousand two hundred years, Nessebar undoubtedly preserves countless stories that happened within its borders, some of which will probably remain shrouded in mystery forever. However, like any other still-functioning settlement, the city continues to enrich its vast collection of events with new ones, to which it becomes a silent witness every day. For example, very recently it was joined by the wedding of Nencho Balabanov, who chose to swear eternal fidelity to Catherine Ruseva near the waves of the sea.

Hours ago, the actor, who is equally good at both impersonations and singing, shared that he has finally broken with the bachelor lifestyle, leaving it forever behind him. The news that he has officially moved to the family men’s team, the presenter of the show “The Stars in Us” revealed, posting on social networks a series of photos taken during the special day, which became his personal celebration of love. On them, he poses in the company of his chosen one, with whom they smile widely at the photographic lens, revealing their boundless happiness at the fact that they have legalized their relationship.

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The post quickly gathered thousands of likes and hundreds of wishes in the comments under it, in which Miro, Hilda Kazasyan, Eva Veselinova, Fiki Storaro and others joined.

An interesting fact is that from the images it is clear that the lovers decided to change two outfits for their wedding – one for the official part and another for the celebration that followed. The groom initially opted for a classic black tuxedo with a bow tie, which he later switched to a matching navy blue one, while the bride wore a cut-out white tulle and lace gown featuring bare shoulders and airy puff sleeves, which she later tossed to the side for to wear an equally elegant dress, but with a more fitted cut, following the curves of her body.

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Local media reports that the celebration was attended by many popular personalities, among whom was the long-time bodybuilding and fitness competitor, who today is an international IFBB judge, Georgi Georgiev. The mentalist Diyan Konstantinov took care of the good mood of the guests, and the first dance of the newlyweds was to the song “Love” by Maria Ilieva, which the singer performed live.

Dear Catherine and Nencho, dear new Balaban family, I am very excited to share this wonderful moment, a celebration of your love. Bless you, love each other very much, with a lot of tenderness, passion and thought, take care of your love to bloom, shine, warm you in difficult times and charge it with great light in happy ones“, Ilieva wished the spouses.

This is the second marriage for Balabanov, whose first wife Ralitsa was a music teacher. By her he has a 17-year-old son named Bogomil.

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Some time ago, the actor explained in “The Nikolaos Tsitiridis Show” how he met his current partner, to whom he got engaged at the height of this summer in Greece, where the two were on vacation. During his visit to the studio, he said that last December, shortly before he first stood eye to eye with Catherine, he gave an interview in which he declared that he had never discovered his great love. That’s why he devoted himself fully to his career, working hard. In addition, in his media appearance at the time, he also shared that he did not enter into his relationships recklessly, going through its various stages at a rapid pace, as he was very careful. However, hours later, like a real Christmas miracle, he met his current partner, who is 13 years younger than him.

It was as if God heard me and said: “Really? Is that great love gone? Here it is the next day. Piglet!” said the best impersonator of Boyko Borisov with a laugh, admitting that since then the two have been inseparable, enjoying the time they spend together.

It is known that she is from Lovech, but she has been living in Sofia for a long time, where she actually completed her higher education at UNSS. Several articles have appeared claiming that she is an independent woman who works as a sales consultant for one of the largest automobile companies, whose clients include corporations, members of international organizations, as well as diplomats.

Photo: Official Instagram account

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