Nearly nine out of ten French people own a smartphone

Confirmation of the now essential character of smartphones, the share of French people owning one increased in 2022 by 3% compared to 2020, according to the Digital Barometer carried out by the telecoms regulator (Arcep), the General Council of the Economy (CGE ) and the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (ANCT) in partnership with Crédoc (Research Center for the study and observation of living conditions).

This study concerns a representative sample of the French population of 4184 people aged 12 and over, interviewed by telephone and online.

Among smartphone owners, 89% say they send messages using applications offering this service (+10 points compared to 2020) and 78% use them to make calls (+11 points). Surfing the Internet from smartphones now concerns 92% of respondents (+5 points compared to 2020).

Connected objects (home automation, electronics, health, security) and connected speakers are also continuing to spread: the proportion of owners of this equipment has increased compared to 2020, reaching 40% and 27% respectively.

Regarding other equipment such as televisions, 95% of respondents said they owned at least one in 2022, a proportion that has hardly changed in ten years. Among French people equipped with a television set and having a fixed connection at home, 83% say they receive television via the box of an Internet service provider on at least one set.

Converselythe radio set with FM or DAB+ reception remains the main listening mode compared to listening on the Internet: “65% of listeners listen to the radio most often through this channel, compared to only 35% via the Internet“, according to the study.

Among the various features available for better access to online content, brightness adjustment (83%) and screen zoom (80%) are the most used by the entire population equipped with a terminal digital.

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