Navigation lands on electric bikes equipped with a Bosch Kiox 300 screen

During the presentation of its intelligent system for VAE, Bosch had highlighted the possibilities of simplified updates offered to users. The recent announcement from the German equipment manufacturer is proof of this: electric bikes equipped with a Kiox 300 screen will be entitled to an interesting refresh via the eBike Flow app.

The Kiox 300 screen, which is fitted to top-of-the-range models of Bosch-powered pedelecs, gains the possibility of displaying navigation information. The direction to follow is indicated in a minimalist way for readability at a glance. Do not expect to see the route on a map background. Here, only the path to follow and the next branch are offered. Added to this is the estimated time information before the destination and the arrival time.

To set up a route, you will have to go through the Bosch eBike Flow application or the specialized Komoot app. For the latter, however, it will be necessary to link their Komoot profile to the Flow application. We asked Bosch about a possible opening to other popular apps like Strava, Ride with GPS or Geovelo. We will complete this article once the answer is obtained.

More and more information

By allowing the GPS to be displayed directly on the Kiox 300 screen, Bosch removes a constraint that some of you may encounter. It could be a little difficult until now to fit a Garmin Edge type counter or a smartphone on a support in addition to this nice-sized screen. Especially since Bosch is also adding information that was previously missing from its high-end system. Altitude data will now be communicated directly to the screen, as will the altitude difference traveled.

With a view to training and performance research, the bike can communicate in real time if you are above or below your usual standards in terms of power and pedaling cadence. Finally, as a final welcome addition, the Kiox 300 now indicates when to change gear. This feature already existed on lower range models (Intuvia) and allows you to get the most out of Bosch engines. Since pedaling cadence is especially important to mid-motor performance, knowing when to upshift or downshift can be a big help.

All these new features are already available to users of electric bikes equipped with a Kiox 300 screen. All they have to do is update the eBike Flow application to experience these features.

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