“Nasty” denunciation against the coach by the mother of a national team: What is the big scandal in the USA about?

US national team midfielder Giovani Reyna came close to being kicked off the team during the World Cup in Qatar.

Head coach Greg Berhalter confirmed after the Yankees’ loss that there was one player in his group who messed things up and the coaching staff intended to send him home early for irresponsible behavior.

The 20-year-old Reyna never recorded a game as a starter at the World Cup, playing only in the second half of the round of 16 against the Netherlands (1:3).

Berhalter did not directly mention the name of the football player, but the mystery was quickly unraveled.

And the mother of the Borussia Dortmund player – Daniele Reina – jumped to the defense of her son.

She admitted to the media that the author of the domestic violence report against the selector Greg Berhalter. She personally sought out Ernie Stewart, the sporting director of the Football Federation, and told him in detail what had happened in… 1991.

Daniele is a former Yankees player, as is Berhalter’s wife, Rosalind. The two are friends and are in the same room at the camps, and the breeder’s partner tells her about a fight between them in a restaurant.

The coach himself admitted in an official address that he kicked his then-boyfriend after an argument in a bar, and both of them had consumed a sufficient amount of alcohol before and quarreled.

However, Daniele Reyna claims it has had a lasting effect on her former team-mate.

“For a long time I tried to swallow and forget that story. I know how difficult it was for Rosalind and how she overcame the trauma – Daniele Reyna explains to the media. – But after what happened to my son during the World Cup, I decided that everyone in the country and in the world should to know what kind of person the national football coach is.”

However, her move did not cause the sentiment against the mentor that she expected.

Many even accused her of taking out “dirty shirts” 31 years ago. The incident in question happened when Greg and Rosalind were still teenagers and the then football player and future coach was not yet 19.

“No one wins in this situation,” the famous former US soccer player Heather O’Reilly told the BBC World Service.

“Taking your dirty shirts off about something from over 30 years ago is not OK. I would never condone violence in all its forms, but that was 31 years ago, for God’s sake. And in the end, their conflict ended in reconciliation. And Berhalter and his wife, Rosalind, have enjoyed a successful marriage for a quarter of a century. I think the Reynas were disappointed to get Giovanni’s name mixed up. But it was a piece of crap on their part. And frankly, I find things pretty unfortunate for American football as whole.”

In the United States, it is said that Berhalter could be released after the scandal, and it is not clear whether the coach himself wants to stay after what happened.

In the end, the story goes completely outside of football, and “pulling dirty shirts” has a very personal motive.


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