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The majority owner of Levski, Nasko Sirakov, used the club’s official website to address the team’s fans and express his full support for Stanimir Stoilov and his team. “The Blues” yesterday lost to Slavia 1:2 and recorded the seventh consecutive game without success.

Here is Nasko Sirakov’s address:

Dear Leftists!

I am turning to you at a difficult moment when the team has not managed to win a single victory for seven matches. I completely understand and feel what you are feeling right now.

In football I have experienced everything – ups and downs, remarkable victories and huge disappointments.

I want you to be sure that me and Stoilov are standing firmly on the ground and are aware of the reasons for the current state of the team.

Yes, this same team, months ago won the Cup, eliminated the Greek PAOK and brought us great joy. At the end of last year and at the beginning of this year, we made the optimal selection for the current financial possibilities of the club. And you all know what they are. Since the summer of this year, we have not stopped working on the selection. We have marked the new additions where they are needed.

I want to state once again my full support for Stanimir Stoilov and his team and assure you that he is doing the best for the players and the club. I don’t accept his manly stance after yesterday’s loss that it was entirely his fault. On the contrary, he is the “main culprit” for the revival of “Levski”.

We are the youngest team in the league and youth must be forgiven sometimes. Yes, the results in the last month are bad, but there is not a single game in which our team was outplayed. Unfortunately, we know that in football the better man does not always win. I am sure you can see that our players give everything they are capable of in every game.

Regardless of the difficult financial situation of the club, I categorically state that “Levski” has a much more successful year ahead of it in 2023.

I believe that any speculations and manipulations, attacks on the club, on the players, on the coach and management from different directions will not break the magic between the team and you, our loyal supporters, who have proven to be unparalleled.

Dear Levskari, I, as the majority owner of the club, assure you that “PFK Levski” will very soon be where we all want it and no one will be able to prevent it!

Together with you, we will walk the difficult way to the top!

United more than ever!


Your Nasko Sirakov

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