Nasko Sirakov: We cannot say for sure that Levski will have a new owner – Levski

The majority owner of Levski, Nasko Sirakov, said that it is not yet certain whether someone else will acquire the shares in the club. Sirakov told “NOVA” that if this happens, it will become transparent and will be announced at a press conference.

“It is 100% certain that I spend more time at “Georgi Asparuhov” than at home. My father is our first world champion in all sports. I always said I was the weakest athlete in the family. I knew from a young age that I would become an athlete. My father made frantic efforts to get me into wrestling. My grandfather got me into football. He took me to all Beroe matches when I went to Stara Zagora. My father has been an employee of CSKA for many years, but he was adamant that his two sons will compete for Levski,” began Sirakov.

“I don’t remember my first goal for Levski. There are many, although there could have been many more. It tickles my self-esteem. It was achieved with great effort. Every single one of those 209 goals is very dear to me. Currently, Levski is a mission, otherwise it has always been a huge love. I feel like I left my skin and blood on the field. I am an extremely proud left-winger for what I have done for the club,” he continued.

“It’s always worth it for Levski. I never thought that when I came here I would step on flowers and roses. For me, this return was a mission. We all saw the state of the club. There was no light. I gave up cigarettes, but every sleepless night and smoked cigarette was worth it. We cannot say that Levski will definitely have a new owner. If this thing happens, it will happen transparently, in a press conference with the potential owner. Until such a press conference, there is nothing official. I do not hide that serious negotiations are underway. At the moment, I am the majority owner of Levski,” revealed Nasko Sirakov.

“The cup was never a priority for Levski, it was always a priority. We will look to strengthen ourselves in certain positions. I expect a stronger and more consistent Levski in the spring. The short bench and injuries to key players did not allow us to achieve better results. There was never a time when I disagreed with the coaching leadership. From the summer, Levski will fight with all its might to become a champion,” said Levski’s owner.

“I kept my friendship with Hristo Stoichkov very easily – honestly. Izzo was always there to help. We have defended the national jersey with honor. I value my friendship with Hristo and his entire family very much,” Sirakov shared.

“Behind me is not a strong woman, but a woman even more successful than me.” I am extremely proud of my family. I care about it very much, it is my fortress. I feel extremely loved and cared for man. Our three granddaughters filled our lives. I’ve always considered myself a loner in sports, but at home I feel like a pack leader. If there is no honest relationship between people, it is difficult to achieve success. If there is no discipline, you reach your ceiling very quickly and you’re done,” he admitted.

“As a manager, I have always told my employees that I give a lot, but I expect even more. From a sporting point of view, the biggest miracle in my career is the fourth place in the USA in 1994. From a life point of view, there is no bigger miracle than family relationships, especially in this expanded format we are in,” concluded Nasko Sirakov.

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