Nasko Sirakov: Levski has no analogue, its place is at the top

Nasko Sirakov: Levski has no analogue, its place is at the top

The majority owner of Levski Nasko Sirakov addressed the supporters of the “blues” after the relegation by Hamrun Spartans.

Here is what Sirakov wrote:

Dear Leftists,

I’m sure last night was tough for all of you. I’m sure the morning was even harder.

It is no less difficult for us – management, coaches and players.

We have all experienced a magical 7 months filled with much hope and faith. Our beloved “Levski” stood up little by little, became more and more confident with each game and as our coach Stanimir Stoilov often says – fought more and more proudly on the football fields. In view of the real situation we are in, we achieved very good results, which I can say even exceeded both your and our expectations during the past championship.

We also won the Bulgarian Cup without appeal in the final against CSKA-Sofia. This gave us a chance to be one of the Bulgarian teams in European tournaments this season. The team was growing in stature before our eyes, they beat strong Greek rivals, PAOK, and our hopes were getting higher and higher. During all this time, our excellent coach and the man who changed the face of the team in an unreal short time, Murray Stoilov, said clearly and very precisely what the real state of the team was and what our expectations should be. It is no coincidence that after the ultimate success in Thessaloniki, I also urged not to burden our players with overwhelming expectations.

Until last night’s game, we were all dreaming boldly. Regardless of the fact that “Levski” dropped out of the Conference League tournament, we must take into account the huge development that our team made under the skillful leadership of Murray Stoilov and his team and give the right assessment for it. My assessment is very high and I want to responsibly share with you that we are going in the right direction and on the right path for the development of our beloved club.

I am deeply convinced that with your amazing support, together we will experience even more exciting and historic victories both in the native championship and on the European grounds!

I believe more than ever that these magical 7 months we experienced together will turn into 7 magical years to come!

From today, “Levski” will concentrate on the championship of Bulgaria. For us, every game will be a final and I am sure that our players will leave their hearts on the field for the sake of victory!

Dear Lefties!

The battle to save our age-old love is not over. All of us together – supporters, management, coaching staff and players have taken a huge step forward. We proved to ourselves and showed that, united and devoted to our Sanctuary, we can achieve results and successes that are impossible for others.

Let us all be proud of what we have achieved!

I want to call on you from today to be even more united, to not stop believing in the salvation of the great “Levski” and to set out to conquer new heights and memorable victories for our club!

Great BLUE supporters, support as only you can our football players, our amazing coach Murray Stoilov and his team, because “Levski” has no analogue, because “Levski” is one of a kind because of you – our loyal and dedicated supporters who created miracles in these difficult years in our struggle for survival. Now more than ever we need your support!

Together we will reach our goal – to save “Levski” and for him to be where he belongs – at the top!


Yours, Nasko Sirakov”

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