Mysterious death of the boss of “Tiffany” in Turkey – she fell from a cruise ship, and her friend did not inform her until after 8 p.m. (Review)

The son of one of the richest women in the country claims that a lot of expensive jewelry has gone missing from her cabin

The owner of the jewelry giant “Tiffany” in Turkey died under mysterious circumstances after falling from a Norwegian cruise ship off the coast of Tahiti, the “Daily Mail” reported.

71-year-old Dilek Ertek was on vacation with her 74-year-old boyfriend, who is from Switzerland. The couple boarded the vessel in Papeete (French Polynesia) on October 24 with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcelebrating the rich woman’s birthday in Bora Bora on November 5. Ertek died on October 26, but the tragedy was made public only now.

Her friend reported her missing 20 hours later. At the insistence of the family, the police questioned him after the ship docked 3 days after the incident. However, the authorities released him without charge.

Surveillance footage showed the businesswoman fell overboard at around 3am. During the interrogation, her partner gave almost no information about Ertek’s death. The crew

held the swiss under monitoring

before docking in Tahiti, because according to the son of the deceased Gokce Atuk, many jewels disappeared from her safe in her cabin.

According to experts, it is very strange how a woman, who is just over 150 cm tall, managed to jump over the railing of her cabin, which is over 160 cm tall, and that by accident. Captain Mustafa Can told Turkish media that it is quite difficult to fall from this type of cruise ship.

A local officer quoted by the Sabah newspaper explained that if the couple were staying in the same cabin, it is highly suspicious why Ertek’s Swiss friend did not report her disappearance earlier. Especially since on cruise ships every day activities and entertainment are organized and people are in contact with each other. And if someone cannot find a loved one, the reception must be notified and a public announcement made.

A spokesperson for Norwegian Cruise Line said in an email that on Wednesday, October 25, the cruise ship was notified of Ertek falling overboard while sailing in the Pacific Ocean on its course. The US Coast Guard has conducted a search operation for the businesswoman.

Although no body was found,

Ertek’s quest is discontinued

as it is highly unlikely that her remains will be found in the open ocean.

Experts explain that the balconies of this type of ship are completely glazed and have railings. Their height reaches the chest level of an average person. According to analysts, it is not possible to fall by accident, and in order to jump, a person must make an effort.

“You have to get on a chair. It is also unlikely that someone will fall drunk”, investigators are convinced.

Dilek Ertek is one of the famous names of the high society in Turkey, she opened the first Tiffany store in 1995 in Istanbul and is a supplier of the brand in the country. The brand is one of the most recognizable in the trade in fine jewelry, silver, crystal, porcelain, watches, leather goods, and more, and is headquartered on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Ertek graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Mimar Sinan University, and her specialization is at the State Geological Institute in New York. It is there that she sets her sights on diamonds.

At the moment, nothing more is known about the death of one of the richest women in Turkey. However, the country is embarrassed by the news of the incident and expects the facts to be revealed as soon as possible.


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