My wife often tells me that size doesn’t matter! I will not grumble about millimeters

Christian Horner and FIA President Mohammed bin Sulayem; photo: Red Bull Content Pool

Some of the FIA’s new floor requirements for Formula 1 cars came into effect this weekend in Belgium. The teams and the federation agreed on a compromise lift of 15 mm instead of the initially proposed 25 mm. After initially stating that the changes would not affect Red Bull at all, then complaining that new things would have to be done to the RB18, Christian Horner has now commented that the team has to live with the situation and that’s it.

“My wife often tells me that size doesn’t matter! I will not grumble about millimeters. So from 25mm to 15mm, we’ll have to live with that,” Horner said

“It is inconvenient to introduce such changes at this time of the year. It’s incredibly late. But that’s the way it is. We ended up agreeing on a number. The end result is a value that is the same for everyone.”

The presentation of the Spa cars was awaited with great interest precisely because of the floor changes. Up to and including qualifying, the change didn’t seem to have any negative impact on Red Bull. In fact, Max Verstappen easily won in the grid seat allocation session. However, he will not start from pole position due to a component change penalty in his drivetrain.

Horner also commented on the dramas in the pilot market. He stated that all the chaos around Oscar Piastri It shouldn’t have happened at all and Daniel Ricciardo was not the same driver he knew from his time at Red Bull

“I’m not inside the situation (with Piastri) and I don’t fully understand it, because purely contractually it shouldn’t be happening at all. If Renault or Alpin have invested in a youngster’s career, they are doing so because they have an interest in that investment in the future. Obviously, there must be an element of loyalty in these relationships. I don’t quite understand the mess with the contracts. But even for a driver to think that he won’t be driving for Alpine next year demonstrates that something is wrong,” explained Horner.

“Daniel is not the same pilot as he was with us. He is one of the best pilots. He definitely has talent. I hope he finds a place and regains his spirit. Think back to some of his victories with us. In Monaco (in 2018) it won with 50% of the power. He had amazing performances. Or how he did when he first came and found himself next to Seb (Sebastian Vettel – b.r.), how he did and how close he was to Max after that [Верстапен]”, said the head of Red Bull.

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