My main concern is that we didn’t have the pace to hold off Mercedes

My main concern is that we didn’t have the pace to hold off Mercedes

photo: Georgi Todorov/LAP

Ferrari is not sure if the recent changes to the F1-75 cars are the reason for the loss of speed, which the team is experiencing after the summer break, but for the home Grand Prix in Italy there will be a new rear wing. In the years of unlimited budgets, F1 teams created entire configurations exclusively for the Monza circuit. Now the parts are limited and it is necessary to carefully consider when and what new components to introduce.

The new rear wing was already ready for the start in Belgium, but Ferrari chose not to use it there.

“At Monza we will certainly have a different wing for lower drag. Speed ​​will not be a problem,” Mattia Binoto declared after the race at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit

“My main concern is that in three races in a row we don’t have the pace on Sunday. In Hungary and Belgium we had good qualifications, we were competitive. However, in the races themselves, we did not have enough speed and that definitely made it difficult for us. Not only because we couldn’t fight Max [Верстапен] for the win, but also because we didn’t have the pace to hold Mercedes. In three consecutive competitions, we are not realizing our potential. We are still chasing victories. Our intentions are to try to win every single round for the rest of the championship, including Monza.”

Meanwhile, Ferrari’s strategic chief Inaki Rueda gave another explanation – this time for the mistake of Carlos Sainz entering the pits during the Grand Prix of the Netherlands

The pit took a long time as one of the tires was missing.

“There are usually two calls for a pit stop: one to the driver and the other to the mechanics. In this case, the call to the competitor came at the right time. This to the team basically comes at a time giving our people 23-24 seconds to react. At Zandvoort, the mechanics had 17 seconds,” was Rueda’s explanation for the delay in fitting the rear left tire on Sainz’s Ferrari.