Murray: What I told Papazov at the meeting, I told him, Levski must seek supremacy – BG Football – efbet Liga

The head coach of Levski – Stanimir Stoilov, gave a press conference before the match against Botev Vratsa in the match of the eighth round of the efbet Liga on Sunday. The coach revealed that goalkeeper Nikolay Mihailov will return to the squad and all other players are healthy, but declined to comment on the club’s summit meeting which took place during the week.

Anton Uzunov

“Levski must play like Levski, look for supremacy and play in the style suitable for the club. Tomorrow we have an opportunity to show what Levski is capable of. In general, all players are healthy, we have no injured players, all players are in good health, we have two more training sessions to decide who will be on the field, but in terms of tactics and ideas, we are ready. As a matter of fact, Botev Vratsa’s team has significantly improved its performance, their new coach, apparently the rise in the game is also due to him, I also notice a large number of foreign footballers – a team that started to play combinatorially. They deserve their attention, but for me it is more important how Levski will play”, he commented on the upcoming opponent of the capital city”.

“It won’t depend on what they do if we play at our best. Details of the meeting – it was first in a club version, this was taken as a decision not to give details. What I had to say at the meeting, I said. What I had to say to Konstatin Papazov, I said to him,” added Murray regarding the meeting with supporters.

“Each match is taken seriously, there is enough time until the Super Cup, 3-4 days are quite enough for Levski’s players to recover – now all our attention is focused on the match with Botev Vratsa, which is as important as the one with Ludogorets. We continue with regular meetings, which we have been doing since last year. Now, with the “Levski na Levskarite” association, we have to promote these meetings with the fans. “Levski will host another match wherever they play in Bulgaria,” Stoilov said.

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