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The head coach of Levski – Stanimir Stoilov, was not at all satisfied with the decision of the Appellate Commission not to fully cancel the punishment imposed on the team.

As is known, earlier today the AC of BFS amended the punishment imposed by the Disciplinary Commission and instead of playing in front of empty stands, Levski will host Botev Plovdiv on Saturday at home, but there will be no fans in the whole stadium as it will be closed only Sector “A” of “Vivacom Arena – Georgi Asparuhov”.

Anton Uzunov

“No, I’m not happy. I expected them to cancel it entirely. Levski sold about 6,000 tickets, constantly filling the stadium, and that’s what he lives on. After the head of the Appeals Commission said that there was no proven accident or any health problem, the punishment should have been overturned. I am not satisfied, no matter how much they want to think I am. Since there was no evidence, the penalty should have been overturned and these people should have been in the stadium. Levski has sold about 6 thousand cards. These people had to watch the game and a large part of them are in Sector “A”. I don’t like such Solomonic decisions to be made in football. After the head of the Appeals Commission says there is no evidence of damage, the normal decision would have been to overturn, and I don’t care what they think.”

“We will miss the fans in the stands. For me, this is the most important grandstand because it is made according to European standards, it is close to the pitch and it creates an atmosphere. And a large part of the cards that have been sold are in these places. Football without supporters, that’s not the football I want to watch. In Bulgaria, we are wondering how to put up our own barriers so that there are not enough fans – a limit on tickets, we lock them in cages, we don’t let them in, 10%, 2%. Out of ignorance or unwillingness to change the rules, things are done that are not for the good of football. Levski has sold 6,000 cards, take note of what it’s all about.”

“Maybe we all need to be more flexible – both us and the federation. Let’s have conversations, let’s sit at the same table once and for all. For me, this punishment has an easier solution – either a large financial fine or no audience. Decide! If you are a team that relies on the support of your fans, they will pay for the mistake they made and you will let the crowd go. Or you don’t pay the fine and close the stadium. In any case, I do not tolerate the throwing of objects, bombs, etc. in any form. This should once and for all stop in the stadiums, so that there are no penalties or accidents. But because of one or two people from an audience of 25,000, we cannot deprive at least 6,000 cardholders. Secondly, there are law enforcement agencies and security companies that each club pays, and in my opinion, the responsibility should be sought mainly in them. That is why it is paid so that there is no problem. Why then do we pay security and the police when there is no shared responsibility? Then I can let them go with whatever I want, even with a grenade launcher in the stadium,” said Stoilov.

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