Murray Stoilov with a new fierce attack on Titi Papazov – BG Football – efbet League

Levski’s mentor – Stanimir Stoilov, again commented on his arguments with Konstantin Papazov, whose resignation he requested some time ago. According to the specialist, Papazov should concentrate on his affairs in basketball, not in football.

“It seems that the topic with Papazov has been commented on for quite a long time, but let’s finish it. I have not withdrawn my demand for his resignation, despite the amount paid. His activity is good to constantly comment on Levski. I can say that during all these years Papazov has been an advisor and manager in our club. Levski failed because of advisers and bad management. This 125,000 BGN paid by him is only 5% of all the frauds he has made over the years”, commented Stoilov at his press conference before the match with Arda.

“We are still paying dues from the time he pushed himself as a leader and advisor.” Let him concentrate on basketball. It’s like I give him and Vezenkov advice about basketball. Little things come too much. Don’t you know which presidents he advised and which monuments he erected. Look on the internet. My recommendation is for him to concentrate on basketball, that’s where his strength lies, not football. We inherited a club that was bankrupt. These are these advisers”, said Levski’s head coach.

Regarding the match against Arda, Murray said: “In big games, there is no need to set up. The fans push the players to show their best. All rooks are healthy for the match. We can make 1-2 changes considering that some were sick. I think Sundberg is healthy too. We will be able to make changes to the squad to keep the team fresh. If we want to win anything in this championship, we have to play every game like a final.

Arda plays good, combinational football. They put together a decent lineup. They play with attitude, a team that controls the situation and plays football. They also want to win, but the most important thing is how we will play. We must not make the individual mistakes we have been making lately.”

“Now is an ideal time to give Plamen Andreev a chance to see how long he will last mentally. It didn’t last at first, but I hope it continues to develop now. When Plamen guards well, it’s normal for him to guard and Niki to wait for his chances. Levski is not financially secure at this stage. We need to create young players who will eventually bring money to Levski. Ivelin Popov is ready to start in the starting line-up tomorrow, another question is how long he will last. 20 or 30 minutes. Tomorrow, I think it will start from the first minute”, said Stanimir Stoilov.

“I’m happy with the existence of a second team, but not with the results. This is men’s football and the youth team has a stumbling block when visiting. We decided that the second team should train together to raise their level. There was also a decision by the BFS before the season that footballers who have trained for the last two years in Bulgaria can play in these teams. For us, this is discriminatory because Nathan Alder is from the European Union. It’s also good for the youngsters to see that if you can’t win in the third level, how are you going to you can in Levski. But Topuzakov works extremely well with the young players and I’m very happy with him,” concluded Stanimir Stoilov.

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