Murray Stoilov: We will need months to fix the mistake with Hamrun – BG Football – efbet Liga

Murray Stoilov: We will need months to fix the mistake with Hamrun – BG Football – efbet Liga

The coach of Levski – Stanimir Stoilov, spoke to the media before the match of the 7th round of the efbet Liga against Heber. The coach admitted that the team had a difficult ten days after being eliminated by Hamrun in the Conference League, and at the same time revealed that Nikolay Mihailov will sit on the bench for the match with the team from Pazardzhik.

As is known, Mihailov suffered serious criticism for his performance in the match with the Maltese team and the goals conceded in the Bulgarian goal.

“We’ve had a difficult ten days. We tried during this period to save the players emotionally. Let there be no unnecessary nerves and let us be able to move forward. I hope we will see a good game tomorrow, which will set the stage for the future. In football, you don’t have much time for joy and contemplation, because the next game comes quickly and gives you the opportunity to correct yourself when you make a mistake. Of course, this mistake is not so easily rectified, it will eventually be rectified after several months, but now the team must concentrate on the championship as quickly as possible”, commented Murray Stoilov.

“In general, all the players who were sick have recovered. Naturally, they are a little behind in preparation. All players, unless something happens in the last two training sessions, will be on the line for the game. Mihailov is also healthy and has no problems. In tomorrow’s match, Plamen will be in goal,” he added.

“I hope that the break will affect mostly psychologically. Now they have to earn the love of the fans. But these are professional footballers and they have to perform every game like a final”.

According to some media, Gerena have received offers for some of their attractive foreigners such as Bilal Barry, Welton and Jose Cordoba, but Stoilov replied: “At this stage we are not in danger of selling such a player. We are not overflowing with good players. But if offers come , a certain player will be sold. But it must be an offer that will suit the club. But at the moment, the more important thing is that the players you mentioned concentrate on their performance. They have been in Levski for a short period and have yet to prove themselves for Levski”.

He then expressed confidence that attendances at the Georgi Asparuhov Stadium will not suffer from being relegated to Malta’s Hamrun Spartans in the Conference League, however painful it may be.

“Basically, I’m not worried about a drop in attendance. It’s normal for fans to be disappointed as well. But in left-handed football, love prevails over pain. Only with support and presence can we move forward together. The team can’t do without its supporters. The main the mainstay that holds Levski and helps to keep the club is the supporters. Usually Levska are at the stadium when it is most difficult and Levski needs them, the coach added.

On the occasion of the four postponed matches in Levski’s schedule, Stoilov said that it no longer matters when they will be played. Levski has to make up for the championship matches with Black Sea, Slavia and Ludogorets, as well as another match with Razgrad, but the final for the country’s Super Cup.

“The day after the relegation from Hamrun, I personally called the president of PFL Atanas Karaivanov and told him that we are ready to play the matches when they decide. Or when our opponents want – in three days, in four days, it doesn’t matter. We are ready to play them.”

“After our requests have been granted, we will comply with the wishes of our opponents. That would be fair to our supporters, who also had their own plans and we have disrupted them by postponing the matches. The same applies to the Super Cup. When they want Ludogorets, then we will play this match. We will take care of them in such a way that they played their matches calmly in the European tournaments. We have no problem playing in three days”.

He also somewhat opened the curtain on tomorrow’s match with marketers, explaining how he will bet on young footballers.

“I assume that tomorrow with Heber, the players will give 100%. I have no worries about that. The youth in the team is quite seriously advocated, and the young people want to prove themselves every day. Are we ready to oppose Ludogorets for the title? Only from the teams, who want to win titles, it depends on how far they will go. We will not use clich├ęs, the important thing is to play to the maximum every game”.

You can hear and see more from Stanimir Stoilov before the match with Heber in the attached video.