Murray Stoilov: We are very gentle in the opponent’s penalty – BG Football – efbet League

The coach of Levski – Stanimir Stoilov, commented on the draw of the “blues” against the newcomer Septemvri. The specialist from Haskovo said that he is satisfied with the performance of his players and the only thing he doesn’t like is the result. Stoilov analyzed the performance of his attacking players in a little more detail, describing their play in the opponent’s penalty area as “gentle”.

“I am happy with the game. I am also satisfied with the players’ desire and ambition. The result does not satisfy us in any form. We know the problems in the finishing phase. We had chances but we didn’t make it. We need to be more confident in the attacking line and the last shot. The result eluded us,” the specialist began.

“We had seven attacking options. It did not work out. We arrive at the goal and see tentative finishing shots. It comes with work, self-esteem or class. We had chances with long shots and static situations.”

“It’s normal for former players and juniors to be fired up. This is good for us. They have to play like that and we have to learn to play under pressure. Failures affect self-esteem. When you miss so many moments, it’s possible. We need aggression from offensive players in the opponent’s penalty area. We are very gentle in the opponent’s penalty shootout,” concluded Stoilov.

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