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The head coach of Levski – Stanimir Stoilov, was disappointed that the control with the Malaysian champion Johor had to be terminated. The reason for this was a melee between the football players after Filip Krastev was hit in the face at the beginning of the second half.

However, the Blues boss said he was satisfied with the first half of the inspection.

“It was better to break control than to have these temper tantrums continue.” Still, I think it was a good check in 45 minutes. There was a bit more aggression than needed, especially from the opponent. We had some good moments in the beginning, but we continue with the old mistakes in passing the ball and inaccurate passes, we immediately conceded a goal. But in terms of rhythm and dynamics, it was a good fight. The concern is that there are no injuries at such times. An hour of our players also succumbed to emotions and nerves, but still satisfied with the 50 minutes or so that were played.”

“We didn’t have that many scoring situations, but when we held the initiative, we made a wrong pass and immediately the opponent was disrupting the game with a counterattack. These are our old weaknesses. We need to be a lot more confident and confident in pitching. When there is greater aggression, we also have to respond with purely football aggression, without unnecessary nerves and arguments. We should not give in to emotions. But it was still a good 45 minutes.”

“We have problems with three defenders. I hope some will return now from tomorrow, others later. I think we will be able to find an opponent for another control. Maybe we’ll play on the 31st. There is serious interest in some of our players but we will not be selling anything at this stage. I am happy with the training conditions here in Dubai. I’m sorry the inspection ended this way. Perhaps we would have had stronger opponents if we had not given up the other controls, but a lot of work was done, we will not make excuses. We need to be in maximum shape for the championship. The football players of Levski must be fully devoted to the club and their work, and I expect that we will start the championship with the necessary ambition and desire,” said Stoilov.

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