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Levski coach Stanimir Stoilov spoke extensively to the media after the 1:1 draw against Lokomotiv Plovdiv. The head coach shared that the team from Plovdiv played good and open football, and that there was growth this year. Stoilov also commented on Ronaldo’s omissions and what they are and whether there are any plans in the team for the winter selection, what information has appeared in recent days.

“It is a crisis of results. We had enough moments in which we could have realized. It usually happens that in the first position of the opponent, we get a goal. Otherwise we need to improve the finishing shot. I think we need to play more confidently in the central pair of defenders. It is normal for Levski to want to win every match. We have kept our football values”.

“It was a good match and Lokomotiv played good football. They show growth. It is normal to say that we have lost points. When you create 5-6 chances and don’t win, or you concede a goal from the first position…it doesn’t matter. The football master obviously saw something”.

“Iliyan Stefanov said that he felt pain in his ankle and that’s why he did not take part in the meeting and one Marin remained. But let’s make excuses – no. We have to work. You can see everything on the pitch.”

“There were situations with an empty net, I wouldn’t say it was a problem. It will be more worrying if the team doesn’t play as it should. Either with time or with the addition of the class we will solve the problems. In the spring, luck gave us a little more. We have the initiative, but in the end, if you don’t score, that’s how it goes. Lokomotiv played good football, I say again”.

“The way Ronaldo plays satisfies me, but without the finishing shot. He must be given time. We cannot take Phenomena Ronaldo, we have our Ronaldo. It used to be Why is Barry playing? Now it’s “Why is Barry gone?” We need to have a plan for the future to navigate the selection. There is neither a plan nor readiness with the selection. We have commitments to the institutions. Even after winning the Cup, I said that I don’t expect much of an upgrade. Let’s say we don’t have the class to realize, then these situations were too elementary. It’s normal to be a little disappointed. We have to react according to the situation, but at the moment I have no idea and no plan what will happen,” concluded Stoilov.

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