Murray Stoilov pointed out Levski’s inadmissible mistake

Murray Stoilov pointed out Levski’s inadmissible mistake

The teacher of Levski Stanimir Stoilov was disappointed with the way the Blues were relegated from the Conference League. Murray was adamant that it was unacceptable for his team to make such elementary mistakes, because of which Stolichani conceded the two goals in their own goal.

“We had everything in our hands – both the chances and the goal… We managed to score at the end, we made two elementary mistakes and that’s why the match turned. Hamrun is an extremely serious team, but Levski did not deserve to lose. We had mistakes in the attack phase and in the defense phase,” began Stoilov.

“Penalties are a lottery. We somewhat skipped stages in our development, but this is an earring for all of us to work better. It is unacceptable for a team like Levski to make such elementary mistakes. We have to clean up these mistakes.

This team still has a lot to learn, a lot to build and a lot to add class-wise. The club recorded some fabulous 8-9 months, which today was the time to end. It’s time to work on improving all components again.

The team is very fragile. Even shamefully – no. But you should, once you have a lead, keep going. There is no way to react – only with work. Today, luck was against us. The club must draw the right conclusions and look like a European club.

Work has to be done – nothing can be done anymore. This is the team we will play. We all have to improve. We shouldn’t have lost today in any way – we just had to score our chances and not allow such elementary goals.

Georgi is sick and therefore did not take part in the meeting. The missed funds from Europe? This will have an extremely negative impact on Levski. It’s normal for there to be a slight pushback from the fans, but Levski needs its supporters. Without the fans, Levski is nothing and there is no point in continuing. Levski must play with heart and soul and win,” concluded Murray.