Murray Stoilov: For 4-5 months I haven’t been happy going to “Gerena” (VIDEO) – Levski

The head coach of Levski Stanimir Stoilov revealed about strained relations in the leadership of the football club, which is based on the problems related to the difficult financial situation of the “blues”, inherited from previous managements. He spoke about this during the meeting with the “Levski na Levskarite” Association on Sunday, which lasted over 3 hours.

“Extremely unpleasant relationship with the sponsor of the club, senseless disputes in recent months. I have not been happy at Gerena for 4-5 months. I bear all the responsibility in purely sporting and technical terms. I love the dictatorship in a football club. The executive director bears his responsibility for the finances, and I for the sports-technical part. Recently, there have been a lot of disagreements and scandals. These things must be cleared up,” said Stoilov.

“If the club continues to exist in economic mode, it will take more time to be able to look like a favorite in the championship. Personally, my desire is that we continue to develop as a playing style, but seeing the other problems, I think that we must first solve – the most important of them, and possibly then we should think about better financing, and now let’s continue with the economic regime for transfers and salaries,” said Stoilov.

“I can promise that I and the team will do everything we can to get Levski back where it belongs, namely in the fight for the title, by next summer at the latest. But we must promise to stabilize the club from financial point of view. Because if there is no such fight, my presence becomes meaningless. There is no need in any form to be in Levski and live. I stay for the sake of the supporters, to ensure honesty in the management of the club and to try to find a solution at the most the big problem – the financial obligations to the Bulgarian institutions. The moment we do it, my commitment ends. From there I will think about what I will do,” he added.

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