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Levski head coach Stanimir Stoilov spoke exclusively live from Dubai on Darik Radio’s Sports Show. He talks about the canceled controls with Russian teams, the selection, the renewal of the championship and the potential deal to acquire the club.

“In view of the fact that we have good working conditions, everyone’s mood should be normal. We had a day off. Since yesterday and today we are back in working mode,” began Stoilov.

“The decision to play with Russian teams was dictated by making a full preparation. There were no other rivals. Levski has many supporters. Everyone has a different opinion. There are pros and cons. So that there is no disunity, we decided to cancel them. Maybe it will affect the players’ training, but we will try to compensate. We will try to replace the rivals. We will play another game against Riga on the 22nd. They have over 30 players. We don’t have an opponent for the next date yet. There are no possible rivals. Poles and Germans who were here have already left. More Russian teams left. The decision is made, we will try to do the best. The decision has been made, we’re all behind it,” Murray explained.

“Levski will prepare in the best possible way. The difference between Dubai and Turkey and Spain is in the terrain, the climate and the food. Turkey also has luxury hotels. Levski does not wallow in luxury. Darkness in the luxury of working conditions. I wanted to play with strong teams. We have some freshness, but it’s not normal in preparation to be dead or fresh. We lacked a bit of zest and sporting malice. We had a conversation on this topic,” added the specialist.

“At the moment we are trying to keep the best players. It was decided to keep the whole team. Time will tell if there will be an upgrade. Although there are offers in the team, as much as a full year’s salary. To make this decision means there is hope for something better. At this stage, we are working on economy mode. Will not go over budget. After the sale of Georgi Milanov, we are under budget. We will try with some new players to raise the level. We cannot expect new ones for sure. Levski has shown that he can play football and compete with the best, as well as look the best. We continue to strictly follow financial discipline,” Levski’s mentor continued.

“Ricardinho is a young player who needs to develop his qualities. When you sign a striker, you expect him to score goals. Georgi Milanov left, we reacted in the best way by bringing in Chanderov. Anything Bulgarian that we can agree on is welcome. I hope Ricardinho is mature and not with the mindset of a 21 year old. We are accumulating young players so that we can sell them at the best offer,” said Stanimir Stoilov.

“One thing is certain, Levski will be ready for the first match in terms of level and preparation. Football players will give their best. No one can say which rink or swamp Levski will play on. There are three stadiums in Bulgaria – ours, Ludogorets and the National. We could have played at “Georgi Asparukhov” on a nice pitch, but we decided that football without fans is not football. No one knows whether we will be playing on an ice rink or a swamp in February or March. The real championship starts after April 10. Football will either change or I will continue to complain. If we have stadiums and pitches, I’m all for even playing on Christmas or New Years. They don’t like my stories, but this is the truth about Bulgarian football,” Murray said categorically.

“At this stage, Levski has no problems with paying salaries. If he is lucky and good things happen to Levski, we will all be happy. My thinking has always been that Levski should first put their house in order, build a base and then think about a strong team. In the last year and a half, Levski has been united from what I can see. It’s like a motto for our club. Together we can make Levski powerful and united. We expect the program to be announced as soon as possible. We will call on February 1 to reserve a hotel in Veliko Tarnovo, so that we don’t have a place to sleep,” concluded Stanimir Stoilov.

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