MP against candidate minister: He is a sexual predator who raped me at least 10 times, and I was 14

A new sex scandal broke out in the world of sports – this time in tennis. Miroslav Skrzypczynski, president of the Polish federation, is accused of molesting minors.

The mother of his ex-wife also has claims against him, who speaks of “physical and mental violence” against the family by the tennis boss.

Iga Świontek and Hubert Hurkach – the leading Polish rockets – have already addressed these allegations and called for an investigation into the case, expressing support for all victims of such acts.

The accusations from the family

Miroslav is the ex-husband of tennis player Renata Skshipczynska. In 2017, he was elected president of the Polish Tennis Federation, and two years later, the headquarters received a report from his mother-in-law Sabina, in which the woman told about the mental and physical harassment exercised by Miroslav.

The publication Onet quoted Skshipczynski’s daughter Evelina as telling about the beatings: “He can be very aggressive with his family when something goes wrong. He beat me many times and I have pictures after each beating. I didn’t send a report earlier because I it was fear. Now I think he went too far.”

The daughter of the tennis boss applies the photographs in question as evidence. They have bruises on their face and body, which testify to the use of physical force. The family turned to the police, but at one point fear prevailed. “Unfortunately, I didn’t come to the forensic examination because I was afraid of him, and the police told me that nothing could be done if I didn’t show up,” Evelina claims.

Her grandmother also referred the case to the prosecutor’s office twice, but in both cases she was denied a case. The reason is the insufficient amount of evidence of a crime on the part of Skshipczynski. “Everyone believed him, and when it came to revealing the circumstances, Evelina backed down. Renata told only half the truth,” the former mother-in-law of the president of the Polish Tennis Federation explains to Onet.

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Violence against children

Players who have trained under Miroslav’s guidance talk about sexual harassment by an official. For now, some of them want to remain anonymous, but are ready to reveal themselves at a later stage. Here is the testimony of one of the alleged victims: “What he did to us, I can definitely call it a form of sexual harassment. He always called only one girl into his office under the pretext of discussing what could be improved in her game. When I was at 14, he groped me for the first time. He grabbed my breasts, buttocks and other private parts,” recalled one of the victims.

During training he also made sexist comments: “His words were disgusting. Then we were in puberty, in the period of puberty, and he was shouting: “Oh, you have breasts! You are already growing. You’ve got an ass!” And his trademark: “When a girl says no, she says yes – his favorite quote,” claims another contestant.

There are also allegations of physical abuse. Skshipczynski hit the tennis players with balls on the body and punished them to sit with their hands up against the wall. The children did not tell their parents out of fear and shame. Bullies both girls and boys.

Deputy Katerina Kotula, who also played tennis as a child, comes forward with her name: “He started looking for opportunities for physical contact and often invited girls to his ‘office’. There he groped me in the private parts and raped me at least ten times. And I just couldn’t move, frozen in terror. After all, I was a 14-year-old girl and he was a sexual predator… Now he’s an important person in tennis and even wants to become the Minister of Sports.”

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Šviontek and Hurkac called for attention to be paid to the allegations

Leading Polish tennis players Iga Świontek and Hubert Hurkach reacted to the accusations and expressed hope that the facts would be thoroughly checked. “I’m against violence in sports in all its forms. That’s why I take the reports against the president of the federation as something very serious. The governing bodies should take up the case. I hope they take care of everything. It’s not my job to interfere in the investigation of the relevant authorities or the media, as the matter is very serious – it affects people’s lives and health,” Šviontek wrote on social networks. Iga urged everyone who was in a similar situation to call the hotlines and contact specialized services.

Hubert Hurkac wrote: “I support all people who have suffered from violence. No coach or guardian can use his authority or position over anyone. Any aggression – both in sports and outside – must be condemned and punished . I hope that the relevant authorities will pay attention to the reports in the media against the head of the Polish Tennis Federation, Miroslav Skszyczynski.”


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