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Roma head coach Jose Mourinho has shared his expectations for tomorrow’s clash with HIK Helsinki in the Europa League. The “Wolves” are visiting Finland, where the match will be played on an artificial pitch. This was one of the main topics that the Special One touched on in his pre-match press conference.

“We need a win and it won’t be easy for us. After the first game I said that when we play 11 on 11 it will be much more difficult for us, but it won’t be easy for the opponent either. We didn’t come here on vacation. I congratulated their coach after the game in Rome and I admitted that they are a very well organized team. There is an evolution in football in these parts of Europe. They used to have good individual players and now they have good teams. We want to stay in this tournament, not defend our title in the Conference League,” commented Mourinho.

“I don’t want to complain about the artificial pitch, but it’s not in our favor. We have to play in these conditions and that’s the situation. I keep saying that playing on an artificial pitch is not football, it’s a completely different sport. This one, who is used to playing in these conditions has an advantage. Last season we played two games on artificial turf and lost both of them. One even by a historic result. The good thing is that we showed everyone what the truth is by beating Bodio/Glimt on ” Olimpico”. Tomorrow we won’t have that luxury, if we lose, we are relegated”, concluded Roma’s head coach.

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