Mourinho: It wasn’t easy, Ludogorets can go far in Conference League – Football World – Europa League

Roma coach Jose Mourinho spoke highly of Ludogorets after his team’s 3-1 win over the Eagles in the last match of the Europa League group stage. The special was pleased with the result, but emphasized that it was not easy for his team.

“Yes, I am happy with the result. It was very hard. This was not surprising to me. I could have guessed that they are a good team, with creative players. It was not an easy game for us. Zaniolo was a substitute, he is a player with a different profile. He took the penalty, scored the goal. He was fundamental to our team. A very good Ludogorets team.

I’m too old to be nervous. I knew it was a risky situation. We made shifts to make things happen. We took a risk, but when you know what you want, you take a risk. If you know that you don’t win, you’re going to drop out, you’re taking a risk.

In the Europa League there are already Manchester United, Arsenal, we also know which teams enter the Champions League. Barcelona and Juventus are made to win the Champions League. We will have a different opponent in February. I think Ludogorets can go very far in the Conference League.

I think Lazio and West Ham are the strongest teams in this tournament. There is a group of other teams that can go far. Ludogorets is also in it. I respect what they did against us,” Mourinho said.

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