“Most people in high school hated her,” says a classmate of Taylor Swift’s

Taylor Swift likes to portray herself as an ordinary girl from Tennessee who grew up in a family with a passion for country music.

According to one of her classmates, however, Swift was never “ordinary” and what’s more, she was highly disliked by her classmates in high school. Jessica McLain is making an entire TikTok video dedicated to the singer and her years just before she became a global star.

“Most people hated her,” MacLaine says bluntly of Swift.

Jessica and Taylor grew up in the same town and attended Hendersonville High School together in Tennessee.

According to McLain, she witnessed the blonde singer’s first steps, her first big hit and the first steps to the top of show business. “Everything Taylor does is completely intentional,” Jessica is convinced.

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She recalls 2006, when Swift released the single “Teardrops on my Guitar,” the song that made the singer famous. It was then that Taylor decided to drop out of high school, homeschool, and devote herself fully to her career.

Thus, Swift begins to attract the hatred of his former classmates. McLain explains that her classmates started to hate Swift after she became a “super successful artist”. In her TiKTok videos, Jessica hints that at least some of the negative emotions towards Taylor are caused by envy.

“Mind you, these were her peers at 16-17, and she left to pursue a career that everyone told her she couldn’t have,” adds Jessica.

Another reason for the hate on Swift is that many of her songs are dedicated to her ex-boyfriends from high school. “They were still there in high school, and now they had a hit song about how crappy boyfriends they were,” McLain explains in his video.

“There were also many rumors about how she got such a start in the first place…the fact remains that there aren’t many people from high school who can tell about her [Суифт] good stuff,” says Jessica.

In another of her TikTok videos, McLain points out that envy was definitely a problem for the singer’s classmates. According to her, the high school was 20 minutes away from Nashville and everyone knew someone in the music industry who worked there, but in the end, only Taylor got the chance to become famous.

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“No one was winning awards but Swift. There were people who were much better vocally than her, but they didn’t achieve the same fame simply because they weren’t Taylor Swift.”McLain adds.

Jessica recalls other rumors circulating about the singer, such as that she “bought the fame” and that she has a nasty personality. MacLaine herself remembers Swift as being “a little rough” in demeanor.

She says she doesn’t have a photo of Swift in the high school yearbook because the singer was already homeschooled at the time, but she does manage to show another shot, a group photo of Taylor’s class. However, the photo is doctored, so it’s not a hundred percent sure that the popular blonde is in it.

McLain’s videos have gained quite a bit of traction, but many have accused her of lying or of using her memories of Swift to gain online followers and fame.

Taylor has a fanatically devoted fan base that is ready to attack anyone who dares to say anything bad about their favorite singer. Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and, in one recent case, the actor Jake Gyllenhaal have been the object of aggression from fans.

"Even his look screams toxic"declares one of her fans

Under pressure from Swift’s fans, McLain admitted that she didn’t know the singer personally, but was instead close to people in her class.

As for Jessica’s claims that Taylor was rude to her, she points out that the two only saw each other once at an after-school event.

“If I wanted to gain followers, I would say that I know Swift well,” tries to defend McLain, who does not hide that she is happy to gain more and more followers on social networks.

“Your words make me love Taylor even more. All she gets in this life is hate and she rose to the top in the best way possible,” one of the singer’s fans stated under a video of Jessica.


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