More than half of Samsung Galaxy S23s sold are Ultra models

The pre-orders of new Samsung products are over. The Korean, who presented his Galaxy S23 series on February 1, opened pre-orders for his smartphones in the wake of his conference. They have just ended, officially allowing its customers to receive their products, namely, the Galaxy S23, the Galaxy S23+ and the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The opportunity for Samsung to take stock on the popularity of its smartphones. At a time when the Ultra model, the sharpest in its range, but also the most advanced, is the only one to carry both an S Pen stylus and a 200 megapixel photo sensor, it is he who is the most acclaimed among the trio of mobiles. The manufacturer thus indicates that more than 60% of its customers choose, among the three, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Without going further into the figures, the manufacturer points out that “pre-order results were even higher than the Galaxy S22 series”. Samsung has relied heavily on promotional mechanisms to encourage its customers to pre-order its products, notably offering bonuses on its site for the recovery of old mobiles, and offering doubled storage for the same price.

However, it is difficult to get an idea of ​​the volumes represented by these sales. We will limit ourselves to noting that last year, and according to information from the Korean media Fn news, Samsung has sold just under 30 million units of its Galaxy S22 (all models combined) in ten months and worldwide. It should also be noted that if the manufacturer relies on its high-end products to inflate its turnover, it is its most accessible models that are sold in large numbers. Evidenced by its Galaxy A12 which, last year, found some 51.8 million takers.

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