Montenegro breaks struggling Bulgaria, Vezenkov shines again – Basketball – Eurobasket

Bulgaria’s national basketball team suffered a third consecutive defeat after another EuroBasket loss in Georgia. Montenegro managed to win with 91:81. For the most part, the “lions” were completely equal, but the last five minutes decided the match in favor of Montenegro. Vezenkov was again on top, recording 26 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists. Dee Bost was definitely the disappointment of the day, failing to make a single field goal. Bulgaria has a tough match against the host Georgia.


The match started with a basket by Boyan Dublevich, and Stanimir Marinov scored the first shot for our team after an excellent pass under the basket by Emil Stoilov. This was followed by a basket and a foul by Nemanja Radovic for 5:2. A great attack and a basket with a scoreboard by Dublevich for 7:2. Ours responded with a breakthrough to Alexander Vezenkov, who deflected to Chavdar Kostov and the captain of the “lions” had no problem realizing two points. The fast tempo of the game continued with a triple by Vezenkov for 7:9. Marinov restored the tie after an excellent break.

Success in subsequent attacks dropped and both teams made several missed shots. Emil Stoilov committed his second personal foul and was replaced by Andrei Ivanov. The “Lions” distributed the ball perfectly, which left Kostov in a clear position and Levski’s guard converted in 12:13. Kendrick Perry answered with a powerful dunk in the basket of ours. With his second three-pointer in the match, Vezenkov scored for 15:15. Dublevic made his fourth shot in four attempts to start the game, and then Perry scored on a Pavlin Ivanov foul at 19:15.

Andrey Ivanov converted after an excellent solo move against Dublevich, and then an unsportsmanlike foul was awarded after a Kostov attack. The guard converted both attempts to equalize once again in this period – 19:19. Deyan Karamfilov put the “lions” ahead with a shot from a medium distance. and a second before the end, Drobniak fixed 21:21 after 10 minutes of play.


The second quarter started with a magnificent three-pointer by Pavlin Ivanov. Ilić responded with a nice hook and thus puts Montenegro ahead again – 24:25. A nice breakthrough by Vezenkov and he already has 8 points on his account, then a wonderful triple from the Bulgarian followed – 29:30. After a scoreless minute or so, Bulgaria made their 6th three-pointer to tie the score at 32-32 as Vezenkov was pulled to get a timeout.

With 5:42 left in the fourth, Perry suffered an injury after appearing to step sideways and exit the game. Karamfilov received an umbrella from Alekseyevich and was also replaced at the expense of Dee Bost. Andrey Yordanov fought back and finished well, leveling the score – 34:34. A quick Montenegrin basket followed, and Bulgaria responded with a 3-pointer, forcing the Montenegrin coach to call a timeout. Popovich was replaced after he too suffered an injury. Ivan Alipiev scores his second three-pointer, so that we go ahead again in the result – 40:38. Vezenkov realized with a dunk on a quick attack two new points – 42:39. Vezenkov with another nice break, realizing 2 points, but a very strong dunk by Mihajlovic followed, forcing us to take a timeout.

The half ended with another 2 points from Vezenkov, after an assist from Dee Bost, and Montenegro realized with the cheese an easy two. The score after 20 minutes of play is 46:45


Bulgaria started the third quarter relatively poorly and Montenegro took an early lead of seven points, which forced Barchovski to take a timeout – 46:52. The next two minutes saw a series of misses and several from both teams as Radovic was left alone on the three and had no trouble converting. Bulgaria have been without a basket for 4 minutes now. Halfway through the quarter, Chavdar Kostov scored a three-pointer and those were the first points for Bulgaria in the second half. Vezenkov made his second personal foul after one of Drobniak’s consecutive breakthroughs. The judges gave a technical penalty to Vladimir Mihajlovic due to simulation, and Vezenkov converted from the penalty line without problems – 52:59.

Perry, who had returned for the second half, made a three-pointer, and Ivanov returned two points at the other end, 54:62. Vezenkov reduced the score to only two possessions after a nice shot from the basket – 56:62. Unfortunately, Perry hit another triple to make it double digits. In the third quarter, Montenegro managed to pull away, scoring 22 points, while Bulgaria managed only 12 points. The main reason for this is that in the first five minutes, the Bulgarian side did not manage to shoot successfully.


A huge difference in the opening seconds for Bulgaria, after they managed to make a three-pointer, and then Karamfilov made an unsportsmanlike act on Drobniak. After the Bulgarian realized only one of his two opportunities, Alexander Ivanov realized an easy two and reduced the difference to only one possession, which is why a timeout followed – 64:67. Igor Drobnyak got revenge for his team, scoring a triple, but Vezenkov on the other end immediately returned the 3 points with a smile. New triples followed for both teams, with Karamfilov scoring for Bulgaria – 70:73.

Alexander Vezenkov with a new smile and a new triple to level the score – 73:73. Perry missed a clear shot from the three, followed by a quick attack for Bulgaria and two points, but Montenegro made a three and they again came out with one point ahead in the result – 75:76. Andrei Ivanov scored his fourth against Radovic, who converted and went to the penalty line, where he failed to score – 75:78. Mitko Dimitrov with a great umbrella against Mihajlovic. Ivan Alipiev with three new points and the difference is only two – 78:80. Unfortunately, a basket and a foul followed for Dublevich, the violation was by Alipiev, and the basketball player from Montenegro scored the penalty kick – 78:83.

Three minutes before the end, Pavlin Ivanov scored after a quick attack and again reduced the difference to one possession – 80:83. Perry with a very nice break and scores an easy two. Mistake by Mitko Dimitrov in attack and timeout for Rosen Barchovski. Dee Bost with a new pass from a clear position on the triple and thus continues to be without a basket, followed by easy two at the other end of the floor – 80:87. There was no intrigue until the end of the match and Bulgaria lost the third match in a row with a score of 81:91.

Bulgaria – Montenegro

Bulgaria: Dee Bost, Stanimir Marinov, Chavdar Kostov, Alexander Vezenkov, Emil Stoilov

Montenegro: Kendrick Perry, Vladimir Mihajlovic, Petar Popovic, Nemanja Radovic, Bojan Dublevic

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