Money machine: Messi brought a colossal amount into PSG’s coffers, the numbers are startling

Even in the twilight of his glittering football career, Messi remains an industry worth hundreds of millions of euros. Another proof came from the Spanish “Marca”, which delved into the financial affairs of the Argentine’s current club – PSG.

According to the figures, Messi brought in a whopping €700 million in revenue for the French giants. Or to put it another way – in his first year at PSG, Lionel Messi has been much more useful to his new club off the pitch, having managed just 11 goals.

However, the financial benefits for PSG from Messi’s transfer are huge. His transfer alone resulted in 10 new sponsors.

Other serious income came from the sale of jerseys. 60% of shirts sold in the club shop bear Messi’s name and PSG have sold over one million shirts – each priced between £79 and £140.

PSG marketing director Mark Armstrong admits the club cannot meet the huge demand.

“The demand for jerseys has increased by 30-40%, but because of supplies, we cannot respond. Many people think that such transfers are killed by the sale of jerseys, but this is not exactly the case, because it is difficult to ensure their production and delivery. You can’t produce many more jerseys.”

Financially aside, Messi instantly boosted PSG’s reputation and image. In a short time, the club has grown on social networks with a total of over 15 million new followers.

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