Mobile repair is on the rise, screens and batteries on the front line

Both ecological and economical, smartphone repair seems to be on the rise at the end of 2022. In partnership with the YouGov polling firm, the Save brand (specialized in refurbished and repaired) revealed the results of a study who states that “8 out of 10 French people say they are ready to repair their smartphone“.

Screen breakage, repair reason N°1

Conducted on a panel of 1,001 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over, the Save and YouGov survey provides a broad outline of trends in mobile repair in France. We learn for example, without great surprise, that it is the screen of our mobiles that is most often repaired, “more than 31% of French“having already had to change this room. What’s more, “24% of them even had to repeat the operation between 2 and 3 times“. Battery changes obviously come second,”with more than 30%of the population concerned.

If many French people say they are ready to turn to repair by postponing the purchase of a new device, the reasons for this momentum vary. In effect, “47% of respondents would consider repairing their smartphone as an economical approach“, while only 34% “have a rather ecological approach“. Results reminiscent of those related to refurbished purchases, the economic question taking precedence here also largely over ecological considerations. No wonder in this period of inflationary crisis.

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Economic brakes

Given the situation, it is therefore not very surprising that cost concerns are at the top of the list of barriers to repair (reason cited by 29% of respondents). The upcoming arrival of the repair bonus, which will be launched on December 15 despite many criticisms, could therefore be a game-changer, even if the amount of repairs for certain smartphones remains high. “In 2022, the average price for changing a battery at Save is €53. The aid of 25 € will allow us to convince a much larger number of customers to carry out the repair rather than to change the device.“, wants to believe the CEO of the company. Note that this average nevertheless hides significant disparities, since the replacement of an iPhone 13 Pro Max screen costs rather in the 400 to 500 €.

If you want to know more about the repair assistance fund, the Quali-répar label, which is partly piloting the project, has made available a grid detailing the reimbursements granted for each repair. The boost varies between 10 and 45 € depending on the device.

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