Missile attack on Kyiv, South Ukrainian nuclear power plant…

Odessa and Kharkiv are in the dark, Moldova is also affected, Chisinau was left without electricity

A new wave of rocket attacks flooded the territory of Ukraine, with Russian rockets mainly targeting critical infrastructure, but it did not escape without damage to civilian objects.

All units of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant have been shut down. The reason is the destruction of the power grid. Leonid Oliynyk, spokesman for Energoatom, confirmed this in a comment to the media. “Yes. This is due to the destruction of the networks. There is nothing wrong in the station. There is nowhere for the electricity to be supplied,” he notes, writes

A residential building was hit in Kyiv, three were killed and six were injured. Due to the shelling, several Ukrainian regions are completely without electricity.

The Ukrainian capital is partially without electricity, there is no water in all of Kyiv, announced the mayor of the city, Vitaly Klitschko. “The specialists of “Kyivvodokanal” are working to restore the water supply as quickly as possible. Please stock up on water just in case,” urged Klitschko.

Odessa has been left completely without electricity, reported the head of the local administration Maxim Marchenko.

Kharkiv, Khmelnytskyi, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhia were also partially without electricity, the media reported.

Emergency shutdowns are available in all regions. Emergency power outages across the country will continue, Ukrenergo announced. Earlier, the company reported that the cold and freezing rain made repair work difficult.

“Due to the interruption of the power supply in Kharkiv, all electric transport has been stopped. We are evacuating people from the subway. Additional buses have been withdrawn for the routes of ground electric transport,” wrote the mayor of Kharkiv Terekhov.

“Repair teams together with units of the State Emergency Service will begin to repair the damage immediately after the end of the air alert. But due to frost and freezing rain in some regions, emergency repairs to facilities damaged by the missiles may take longer.” said Ukrenergo.

The Ukrainian Railways reported that sections in the capital, Dnipro, Mykolaiv, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Sumy and Kharkiv regions are without power.

Neighboring Moldova is also affected: Chisinau and a number of Moldovan regions were left without electricity. This was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister of the country Andrey Spinu. This already happened during the previous massive Russian shelling of Ukraine: one of the transmission lines that supplied electricity to Moldova was automatically cut.

The President of Moldova, Maria Sandu, commented on the power outage in the country. “Russia has left Moldova in the abyss. We cannot trust a regime that leaves us in darkness and cold, that deliberately kills people out of a simple desire to leave other peoples in poverty and humiliation,” she wrote on Twitter.


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