Minister Lecheva warns of problems with the Sports Totalizer and NSB

Minister Lecheva warns of problems with the Sports Totalizer and NSB

The Ministry of Youth and Sports (MMS) will carry out inspections of the work of the state and commercial companies National Sports Base (NSB) and Bulgarian Sports Totalizator (BST).

This was said by the acting minister Vesela Lecheva at a press conference where she presented her priorities. She was categorical that there is a discrepancy between Radostin Vassilev’s words about the good state of the companies and reality.

“We see problems in the functioning of the companies, respectively the Bulgarian sports totalizer. It is very important for the financing of the federations, a record budget is announced, which is not exactly the case. There are also problems regarding the bases, the company National Sports Base, which manages all the important bases for training,” commented Lecheva.

As is clear, the former minister Radostin Vassilev announced that the lottery has record revenues “increased by millions”, and also announced several large projects with the allocation of millions.

“There will be a special press conference to show the state of everything that interests you – the spending of funds, the activities of the ministry in recent years and the state of the bases,” Lecheva also said.

Vesela Lecheva also announced that BGN 50 million has not been secured for the “Red Flag” sports complex in Sofia, which her predecessor Radostin Vassilev was talking about. The work on surveying the sites by a VIAS team continues.

“I will not make the decision about the fate of the complex by myself, but after consultations with a wide range of specialists,” the minister stressed.

She also commented on “Arena Burgas”, which is still unfinished and the project is constantly delayed.

“For Arena Burgas, I think they acted unprofessionally – a huge facility that is not yet ready, but costs 65 million. There are a lot of irregularities and vicious practices”.

Lecheva is back at the helm of Bulgarian sports, after heading the former State Agency for Youth and Sports in 2005.