Miner: Was the match with Montana intentionally “hidden” so that Zhelezov’s theft would not be seen – Second League

Miner Pernik seriously criticized the refereeing of his match with Montana from the fifth round of the Second League. They defined the judgments of the referee Valentin Zhelezov during the match in Pernik as bullshit.

Here is what the “iron” wrote on the club’s website:

“The new championship has begun, but the old habits remain. The management of Miner Pernik expresses its disappointment with the level of refereeing and the concern with the fact that the mistakes are always in one direction – against the yellow and black.

Another joke with our club happened on Saturday night during the match with Montana, when the referee Valentin Zhelezov canceled a crystal clear goal in favor of Miner Pernik in the last minute of regular time. This decision seems to answer the question of why the most interesting match of the round was not televised. And Zhelezov’s “whistle” made even the referee observer Kotse Stoichkov blush and wonder how to explain the reason for the theft to our team.

Miner Pernik categorically condemns the injustices that are becoming a trend towards the club and its supporters.

It is worrisome that the judges have been conducting a punitive action against Miner for several months now. Let’s recall that in the spring, as many as seven (7) red cards were shown in only 5 (five) away games, most of which were clear examples of wrong judgments. At the same time, the referees helpfully turned a blind eye when our footballer’s ankle was broken, for goals from ambushes in our goal or for missed penalties in favor of Miner.

Again, we want to ask: “Who is Miner interfering with and why?” Who does this genocide please?”.

Valentin Zhelezov is unlikely to burn out. As Dimo ​​Dimov, Georgi Ivanov, Krasimir Kostov, Stanimir Trenchev did not do it…

And will one of their superiors do it? Or will he at least take action?

We will not file a complaint against the referee. We won’t spend extra money because we don’t want to pay for other people’s sofries. But we will not give up on fighting honestly!”.

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