Mika Stoichkova became the director of PFL – BG Football – Second League

Mihaela Stoichkova will be the new director of the Bulgarian Professional Football League. She will be in charge of communications and strategic international relations after an invitation from the president of the organization, officially taking office next week.

“My mission is to return the perception of Bulgarian football as a value, not as a price. I grew up and was brought up with a vision that I want to be important again for the Bulgarian players, teams and fans. I chose to take on this new role after much thought, not to look at the past, but to stimulate together with my team what the whole of Bulgaria longs to see in the future. The charge is huge, we are motivated to implement a real change and development of the appearance of Bulgarian football. The evolution of sport begins first with ourselves – our behavior and the example we set and impose as a standard,” says Stoichkova.

“I will work on creating significantly better conditions and opportunities for Bulgarian clubs and footballers. I have had the honor of overseeing a huge number of football organizations around the world and building relationships that I want to transfer to the Bulgarian stadium. I engage my full capacity to be sure that we will completely build up the confidence in the Bulgarian football players. All the international contacts I have cultivated over the years will be harnessed to help create and stimulate a new generation of Bulgarian football. Building a sustainable sports brand at the international level is a priority, for which I will demand full cooperation from the Bulgarian teams and the regional communities. It is important to create many more events and interest in them, to attract foreign presence from international teams to motivate both the children and the Bulgarian footballers. To engage the football communities much more in social activities and discipline, in order to return the responsibility of the Bulgarian football players not just to their fans, but also to the imprint that is left on the minds of children and the general public. We will also work to secure additional funding dedicated solely to the development of young talent to ensure that children with drive and ability do not lose motivation due to a lack of resources and a quality environment. The love and euphoria of football is not lost – they will be awakened and sent to field training. Lots of training. I stand behind this request with my name,” adds Stoichkova.

“Thank you to Mihaela Stoichkova for accepting the invitation to join the new BPFL team and take on the responsibility of being the main driver of all future challenges!” I am convinced that the solid international experience in business environments that he possesses, the energy with which he energizes everyone, the personal recognizability and the desire to connect with football will inspire our clubs and all fans of the most popular game in the world. I share the view that Michaela will also enthuse us by concentrating more interest and trust in the organization. At the same time, I am aware of the responsibility and the weight of the commitment I am taking, promising her my full support!”, pointed out the president of the association of professional clubs, Atanas Karaivanov.

Michaela Stoichkova’s team is working on the creation of a long-term development plan, which will be presented in detail within the next month. Work has begun on creating a completely new vision for the League, attracting the first wave of international partners and a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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