Mick Schumacher to forget Formula 1 and fight for victories in some other championship

Mick Schumacher; photo: Haas

Mick Schumacher should forget Formula 1 and look for fulfillment in some other category of motor sport, said Bernie Ecclestone. The former sports manager told RTL that, in his opinion, the son of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher will not stay in the Grand Prix. It is believed that from Haas they will attract the older, but much more experienced, in his place Nico Hulkenberg.

“Age doesn’t matter. Things are not based on years, but on psychology. Juan Manuel Fangio began his career at an age when others end. I do not think that Mick will stay in Formula 1. People are disappointed with his performance. We don’t know if the reason is in him or in the weak team, but now he is unlikely to get an invitation from a strong team. That’s why he’s driving where he is at the moment,” commented Ecclestone.

“Maybe he should forget about Formula 1 and focus on other categories of motorsport. Its main problem is its too famous name. Mick tries as much as possible to live up to his family name and that’s where all his concerns come from. To forget about Formula 1 and fight for victories in some other championship,” said the 92-year-old British billionaire.

“Is the influence of his family and manager too much? In my opinion, he needs someone who knows how to listen in difficult times. Some people don’t need it. If you throw [Макс] Verstappen in the deep, he’ll survive even if he couldn’t swim before,” Bernie concluded.

By the end of the 2022 season, Haas is expected to announce their decision on who will drive for the team next year. Günter Steiner has repeatedly indicated that the team is in no hurry and is looking for the best possible option. In recent weeks, even more exotic speculations have surfaced such as that of Ralf Schumacher, that at Haas they may decide to release Kevin Magnussen for example. According to Mick’s uncle, the German has been the more consistent driver for the American team since Silverstone. Therefore, according to him, everything was possible.

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