Mick Schumacher lacks consistency. The chance of him staying at Haas is 50-50

Mick Schumacher; photo: Haas

Another pilot seat has been officially confirmed – from Alpha Tauri announced yesterday that Yuki Tsunoda remains with the team for the 2023 seasonwith which the possibilities of Mick Schumacher to stay in Formula 1 decreased even more. Haas team boss Gunther Steiner said the 23-year-old driver’s chances of continuing to compete for the American team were 50-50.

“We are still looking for the best possible option for the team. I’ll be honest, we don’t know if Mick will stay or not. The chance is 50-50. He has had great races in Canada, Great Britain and Austria, but lacks consistency. It should be at this level more often. He still has an opportunity to show what he’s capable of.”

“We are not in a hurry with the selection of pilots. If we press the competitors now, we will shoot ourselves. We have no time limits,” Steiner said

The Haas boss insisted he could not yet say anything concrete about the team’s co-driver for 2023. Mick Schumacher is still an option for the team.

“In any case, we want to take as little risk as possible for the development of the team. Taking a big risk is great if it pays off and terrible otherwise. A more experienced pilot? There is none on the market that currently drives in the Grand Prix. Except maybe Daniel Ricciardo. He’s not in particularly good form at the moment and we don’t know how he would do. He can take a year off. Like I said, I’m talking to everybody,” Steiner added.

Meanwhile, Kevin Magnussen tried to distance himself from the whole topic and stated that the choice is made by the team management

“The team needs fast drivers who are consistent performers, score points and help the team move forward. Things aren’t going so bad with me and Mick at the moment. But anyway, I don’t have any particular opinion on the matter. The team management will decide it, it’s not up to me. I think Mick is doing a good job and that’s all I’ll say,” Magnussen said.

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