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Michael Schumacher’s wife Corina, who has been caring for him since the serious accident during a skiing holiday, has made an important decision: the two will start a “new life” in Mallorca, Spain.

Michael has not appeared in public for years. After a serious skiing accident in Méribel (Savoie) on December 29, 2013, his wife Corinna watched him closely. Not only does she allow a handful of people to visit, but she forbids them from speaking to the press. Because of this, it is impossible to know exactly what condition the seven-time Formula 1 world champion is in. In a documentary broadcast on TMC in 2020, neurosurgeon Erich Riederer revealed some rare facts about him, such as the fact that “he can probably to sit and take small steps with help, but no more”.

Italian journalist Giorgio Teruzzi recently speculated that Michael Schumacher was conscious even though he was unable to speak. “Shumi cries. And sometimes mysteriously. He cries when he hears his children, his wife’s voice, his dogs. In the silence of this room, a tear runs down his emaciated face at a familiar sound. There is life locked in a drop – there is the power of the man who moves himself and each of us. We have his tears, his feelings, which are on display,” he reported in an article for Corriere della Sera. Encouraging results that lead Corina Schumacher to make an important decision.

As the Irish Mirror reveals, the Schumacher clan are preparing to start a “new life” as the 53-year-old’s health gradually improves. In her desire to provide the best possible living conditions for the man she married in 1995, Corina Schumacher has purchased a €32 million villa in Mallorca, Spain. A luxury property that once belonged to Real Madrid boss Florentino Perez.

The villa is perfectly suited to the needs of the Schumacher clan, as it has a helipad and all the medical facilities needed for Mick and Gina’s father. An idyllic seaside setting that Corinna Schumacher hopes will help her husband finally find peace.

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