Meta partners with DoorDash to deliver Facebook Marketplace items

Meta has just partnered with DoorDash for the delivery of Facebook Marketplace items. Beneficial for buyers and sellers, this partnership is currently being tested in the United States.

Here’s some news that should please Facebook Marketplace users across the Atlantic: Meta has just entered into a partnership with DoorDash, an American company specializing in delivery. Initially limited to the grocery sector, DoorDash has recently forged partnerships with Rite Aid (pharmacy chain), Bed Bath & Beyond (drugstore) and Sephora (perfumes, cosmetics) with a view to expanding to the delivery of products other than food.

It is the DoorDash Drive service, which makes drivers available to merchants, which will be used for the delivery of items as part of this partnership. This will allow DoorDash drivers to pick up and drop off items from Facebook Marketplace to customers within an advertised timeframe of up to 48 hours. Items eligible for the partnership are those that can fit in the trunk of a car and are scheduled to be delivered within a maximum radius of 15 miles (approximately 24 km).

This partnership is thus advantageous for buyers who cannot move around, do not have a large enough vehicle or have difficulty transporting certain bulky objects. In addition, it allows sellers to avoid inviting a stranger to their home to pick up an item, and vice versa. Amusing insofar as, conversely, a platform like Leboncoin has made social ties one of its marketing arguments.

The partnership is currently in the test phase in several cities in the United States and should soon be generalized. It remains to be seen whether the service will ever arrive in France.

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