Mercedes opens Plug & Charge to its plug-in hybrids

Launched by the inevitable Tesla, the Plug & Charge technology, which allows an electric vehicle to be recognized automatically when charging without having to show its credentials, is being emulated.

According to the French Association for Roaming Electric Vehicle Charging (Afirev), Plug & Charge, which complies with the ISO 15118 standard, “also ensures better prevention of cybercrime (energy theft, identity theft, cybervandalism, etc.) and driver data protection“.

Thus, in October 2021, the European network of Ionity (350 kW) fast charging stations announced the adoption of this automatic recognition at more than 1,800 charging points in Europe. In concrete terms, Plug & Charge makes it possible to establish a dialogue between the terminal and the electric vehicle of “totally secure way thanks to the exchange of digital certificates“.

Among the automakers members of the Ionity consortium compatible with this technology, such as Porsche, Ford, Audi, the Volkswagen group, Hyundai and Kia, there is Mercedes with its 100% electric EQ range. But the German manufacturer also offers rechargeable hybrid models, and it does not intend to leave them aside.

Thanks to the Mercedes me charge function included in the Mercedes me connect in-house program, the manufacturer is now able to offer Plug & Charge technology on its plug-in hybrids, a first in this field.

Thus, owners of a Mercedes C-Class or S-Class PHEV will receive an update remotely (over the air in English) prior to the installation of said certificates.

On the other hand, Mercedes has announced that its new GLC will be natively compatible with Plug & Charge technology thanks to the installation of a direct current (DC) charging system, provided that customers opt for this option and activate service from the Mercedes app charges me.

This same application will inform its owner about the compatibility of the stations and will offer the possibility of searching exclusively for Plug & Charge stations.

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