Mercedes explained the decisions that infuriated Hamilton

Mercedes explained the decisions that infuriated Hamilton

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff had to justify himself to team star Lewis Hamilton for the decisions that were made during the Dutch Grand Prix.

With a few laps to go during a safety car, Mercedes opted for the seven-time champion not to use the so-called free pit and stay with the “medium” tires on the track, which were clearly not in the best condition.

At the same time, his teammate George Russell was called to the pits and was fitted with the soft tires that were most effective in the race in question. The same thing happened to Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, who was behind Hamilton before the restart. However, on the restart the reigning world champion needed a few seconds to regain top spot, with Lewis cursing his team and asking “why do they have to screw him up like that”.

The decision cost the Briton a podium place, who quickly went from first to fourth, while his team-mate enjoyed a second place on the podium.

Toto Wolff explained that he understood the frustration of his driver, but also specified that Mercedes wanted to take a risk that could have brought him victory.

“Emotions are high for a pilot who is close to winning and it’s normal for the reactions to be like that. The pilots are alone in the cockpit and can’t see what’s happening. We discussed whether we should take that risk and decided to do it. He was with tires that are only five laps in and it was right to keep his position. In the end it didn’t work, but I’d rather take the risk in trying to win the race than be second or third.

We could either have him pit and lose his position to Verstappen and leave Russell, or we could do a double pit and screw up both of our drivers. So it was worth the risk. If we leave them both on the track with old tires, we guarantee second and third place, but not an attempt to seek victory,” said Wolff.

After the race, Hamilton apologized for his remarks, saying he was so emotional he didn’t even remember what he said.

“I don’t remember what I said. I just lost my mind for a second. In my team they know there is a lot of passion. I want to look at the glass as half full. We came here after problems in the last race and now we were fighting with the Red Bull cars “. We were faster in many moments. Good things can be taken because the car was finally working. If it continues like this, we will be able to continue breathing down their necks and achieve the coveted victory,” explained the Briton.