Mendy on rape allegations: I’m not Brad Pitt, but the women were coming on their own

Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has begun giving evidence. The defender was tried on several counts of rape, admitting he had sex with many women but always stopped if they “refused” him.

The 28-year-old French international was speaking at the High Court in Chester, north-west England, after pleading not guilty to all charges in the long-running case, which began in August.

The Premier League star has been charged with several sexual offences, including rape, attempted rape and sexual assault, while his “accomplice” Louis Saha Maturi has been charged with six counts of rape and three counts of sexual assault.

Mendy has already been found not guilty of an additional count of rape. The player’s victims told the court that the footballer forced them to have sex at his mansion by locking them in a special room. However, the player claimed officially before the court that the women wanted to have sex with him because of his “status” as a footballer – first in Marseille and now in Manchester City.

“The way they came to me wasn’t because of my looks. Obviously I’m not Brad Pitt, they came to me because of football,” he explained.

He then admitted to the court that he enjoyed “having sex with many women”. But he stressed that if a woman “refused”, he would be “okay with accepting it and calling it quits”.

“At the time, I didn’t think about how they felt or if they might be hurt. Because to me, if they wanted to have sex and I wanted it, it was fine and I kept partying,” he added.

Mendy also said it was “normal” for him to have sex with several women in one night and he was “not worried” about using birth control, admitting he can be “disrespectful” when talking about women. Mendy also said that his stay in prison, awaiting trial since last August, has made him “realize a lot” and realize that “he’s in pain inside.”

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