Meghan Markle received death threats while living on the Island

Meghan Markle’s life in London has not been like a princess in a fairy tale, notes “People”.

In a new interview with Channel 4 News, the former head of the London police’s counter-terrorism unit said there were real threats to the Duchess of Sussex’s life while she was living in the UK.

Neel Basu revealed the disturbing allegations amid his resignation as Assistant Commissioner for Special Operations in an interview published on Tuesday. Basu, 54, is leaving the service after 30 years, during which he won the Queen’s Distinguished Service Medal and served as a senior senior officer in the counter-terrorism unit, starting in March 2018 – two months before Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

“You were responsible for protecting the royals. Talk about the threats Meghan and Harry have received?” journalist Cathy Newman asked him in a clip shared on Twitter.

“The threats were sickening and sounded very real”Basu responded, calling far-right terrorism a “rapidly growing threat” to the country.

There were very serious threats against Meghan, weren’t there?”Newman insisted.

“Absolutely, and if you had seen the things that were written and if they were addressed to you, you would have felt threatened the whole timehe replied.

When asked if the life of the Duchess of Sussex was really threatened more than once, Basu gave a frightening answer.

“Absolutely. We had teams investigating the situations, we were on the heels of these people,” he said.

Basu was the most senior officer of color in London’s police force and said elsewhere in the interview that he was turned down to lead the National Crime Agency because of his outspoken views on diversity and inclusion, The Guardian reported.

The senior officer’s claims echo Prince Harry’s previous comments that he does not feel safe with his family in the UK.

They live in Meghan’s home state of California with their two children.

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