Meghan Markle: I left “Deal or No Deal” because I felt like a stupid Barbie there

Long before marrying Prince Harry, becoming part of the British royal family, or even setting foot on the set of the series “Suits”, putting her under the bright lights of the Hollywood spotlight, Meghan Markle worked as a lucky girl in the American version of ” Deal or no deal”. She spends a year among the broadcast assistants, holding briefcases with different sums of money that open when game participants stop at one of them. And while it’s just a commitment to pay the bills while she patiently waits for her moment of stardom to finally arrive, to this day the Duchess of Sussex regrets ever taking it.

She shared this herself in her podcast “Archetypes”, which is broadcast on Spotify, in the last episode of which Paris Hilton was a guest. The recognition came when the two ladies touched on the topic of the “pretty but stupid” stereotype that many women face on a daily basis in their lives.

Markle said that while flipping through the TV channels recently, a pleasure she says she has less and less time for now that she has two children under the age of four at home, she happened upon the show she was once a part of. She shared that while she was grateful for the work that supported her early in her career, at the same time she was seriously worried about how she was being portrayed on screen.

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At that time, I had already graduated with a degree in International Relations, and to be honest, I missed working as an intern at the American Embassy in Buenos Aires. The reason was that there they valued my intelligence, whereas on the show my looks were all that mattered“, she said.

The Duchess explained that before going in front of the cameras, the ‘Deal or No Deal’ girls lined up to have false eyelashes fitted, hair extensions, bra pads and more. In addition, every week they were sent to a tanning studio to get a tan.

We had to look the same corny way. It was all about beauty and nothing else… No one cared if you were well read or not, as long as you were attractive enough” recalled Markle, who eventually bid farewell to the show to pursue other television projects.Most of the women there were really smart, but it never showed because they were expected to display other qualities. Every night I left the studio with an upset stomach because I knew I was so much more than what they showed me to be, but I didn’t have the opportunity to prove it. I didn’t like feeling like a stupid Barbie, so I just quitshe explained.

After listening to the presenter’s story, Hilton admitted that she felt the same way when she starred with her friend Nicole Richie in their reality show “The Simple Life”. She said the producers wanted Richie to be the “troublemaker” and Hilton to be the “rich, dumb blonde”. The billionaire heiress said that she eventually got so into the role she was given on the show that she began to behave the same way outside of it, almost not “getting lost in the image”.

Sometimes it got to the point where I forgot who I really wasshe bluntly stated.

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