Matthew Beard from “Blood in Vienna”: There are love triangles everywhere

“There is only one frontier that is unexplored by man. Only one place where dragons roam free. The human brain is the only unexplored land.” So says Blood in Vienna’s 20-year-old Max, a thin, attractive, middle-class English Jew who moves to Austria in his teens. As a young doctor, Max falls under the spell of the new science of the day and studies neurology. Obsessed with the idea of ​​analyzing psychopaths up close, Max connects with detective Oskar Reinhardt and they form a unique crime-solving partnership.

The third season of “Blood in Vienna” begins January 9 on “Epic Drama”. Life.dir.bg published an exclusive interview with the actor who plays the lead role – Matthew Beard.

The third season tells about the spring of 1908, when the brilliant young English doctor Max Lieberman and the stubborn detective inspector Oskar Reinhardt act as established partners in solving crimes. Max’s life has changed – he is now a published author in the field of criminal psychopathy – while Oscar’s reputation is bolstered by his successful investigations with Max. For the first time in a long time, Oscar seems ready to let someone into his life, but for Max, love doesn’t go so smoothly. Amelia Lydgate has returned to England, sensing that the romance between Max and Clara is not over; for her part, Clara has broken off her engagement and is no longer thinking about marriage and a career as a fashion journalist.

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With a new season coming up, do you sometimes worry that you might not be able to get your hands on Max as a character again?

Well, you can always get nervous when you go back to a character about whether you’ll find them again. But I think there’s something interesting about not finding it again, not trying to recreate a previous version of your character, but seeing what new things can happen. I find that after I put my costume back on, do my hair, go back to amazing places from that era, the character comes to me pretty quickly. I’ve never done anything like this before – coming back to a character after such a long period of time. So it was really interesting to meet Max again every year.

How does the relationship between Max and Oscar develop over the seasons?

In the first season, there was a conflict between Max and Oscar. Max believes passionately in this very new science of psychoanalysis and realizes that he will face many barriers in trying to push it forward. And Oscar is very uninterested in the world of the mind. They are completely different people to begin with.

Gradually, they start to respect the opinion of the other, to see the nuances of the person opposite and that there are gray areas in life, therefore they cannot relate to things around in black and white. Their friendship grows stronger and it makes them both mature as people. Then in the second season, that friendship really developed and they became a great team using both of their strengths.

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In the third season, a new reason for misunderstanding between them appears. Max believes passionately in the new science of psychoanalysis, and Oscar is not at all excited by the speculative world. Max has written a book on the psychopathy of the criminal mind, and Oscar begins to wonder if Max is only motivated by ego and vanity to do these murders. So they need to come clean on this.

Can Max keep his professional and personal life separate?

I guess for everyone, in any profession, there are times when they can’t help but carry their professional life into their personal life. And there’s a moment in the series where Max offers advice to Oscar in a way that might be a little more than friendship, acting a little like a psychologist to his friend. But I think Max is pretty good at steering things where he wants. He knows, however, that Oscar might not like it. And I think it would be incredibly annoying to have a friend analyze you all the time!

How much psychoanalysis is a gift for Max and how much a burden?

In the first season, there was certainly a sense of Max needing to introspect a little more instead of analyzing everyone else. Which he did in his relationship with Clara and his family. I think psychoanalysis is a bit of a burden in the sense that Max has the tools, but there are still certain places he doesn’t want to explore within himself, psychologically. But it’s a gift because that’s a skill neither Oscar nor anyone else in the police department has at the time, so he can be useful.

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What do you like about detective stories?

I think the genre is fantastic. It’s a great base for pouring out all kinds of interesting culture and politics. In 1908, Vienna was an interesting place, politically and culturally, with beautiful costumes and salons. And this is such a bountiful background for any story! The genre also takes us into some interesting worlds. This season, for example, we have a fashion house and an early silent film studio. We can tell these interesting historical moments through crime. Anything can be done with this genre. I think crime is so satisfying because you’re following the story in real time with the investigators, you’re gathering clues, there are a few twists and turns and things you didn’t expect, but it always all comes together neatly in an intriguing finale.

What do you like most about Blood in Vienna?

I think the most wonderful thing about the series is going back to work with the same colleagues. So, for example, the relationship that I have with Juergen, who plays Oscar, I’ve never had with any other actor, never in my life. Because I’ve never worked with someone for so long. We’ve known each other for four years and it’s allowed us to build both an off-screen and an on-screen connection that can’t be achieved otherwise unless you spend so much time together. We are now working in full sync. As they say we can “finish each other’s sentences”.

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Will Max ever settle down and be happy?

This is a very good question. I’d like to think he would. But I think he needs to do some more introspection first and start dealing with some of his own issues instead of everyone else’s! Season 3 has love triangles everywhere!

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