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The coach of Septemvri – Slavko Matic, gave an interview to, in which he revealed curious details of his career. He shared that he was lucky enough to learn and ask quite a few questions of Guardiola, Ferguson, Mourinho and Xavi during his time in Qatar. Matic praised the young footballers of Septemvri, saying that some of them are the future of Bulgarian football.

“We try to be positive, to have a good positive energy, which is important, not to say the most important thing, and to trust each other. The last game gives us even more confidence, we played a good game and the result was good for us “, Matic shared when asked what mood his team is in against Botev Plovdiv.

“I think we did a lot of good things and I believe that teams like Septemvri, Arda and Slavia will help Bulgarian football a lot and especially the national team. The goal of the team is to develop young players. We’ll see, we lacked a bit of luck during the seven rounds so far to have even better results.”

“Valeri Bozhinov is a big name, worldwide, not only in Bulgaria. He means a lot to young footballers. I am happy to have such a boy in the staff and on the field as a footballer. He helps us a lot for the atmosphere and for the footballers”, the coach commented on the importance of a name like Bozhinov in the club.

After that, he also expressed his opinion about his compatriot and current selector of Bulgaria – Mladen Krastaich:

“First of all, I’m happy when a coach from Serbia comes here. Sasha Ilic, now also Krastaic. I think all three of us are serious coaches. I spoke with Mladen, we had a meeting and I told him that he is coming here at the right time. I believe, that he will help, we are also here to help, I told him that 100% in the near future he can find national players from here. We have many young and non-standard footballers, which Bulgaria does not have. This is one quality that is missing in Bulgaria and I hope we will be a good example for every team. I have told Krastaich to start from the beginning and I believe he will help Bulgarian football and the national team to go up.”

“We try to play close to European football. In Qatar I was lucky enough to learn and ask a lot of questions to Guardiola, Ferguson, Mourinho and Xavi, who was a footballer at the time. It happened through Bora Milutinovic. You know how big a name he is in football. He is my mentor. Today’s football requires a lot of running, a lot of work, and I believe that this is the right direction for the development of Bulgarian football.”

The best football players, in my experience, are those from the Balkans. Bulgaria has a future. There are quite a few young and talented footballers, but you need persistence and patience. For me, the national team of Bulgaria should be among the ten best teams”, Matic also shared.

The coach of Septemvri also spoke about another compatriot – Sasha Ilich:

“A rather ambitious young coach, with a great desire to show his qualities here and CSKA is showing results so far.”

“Here we all have to be satisfied, the goal is always to go up. The young players still have a lot of room to develop. We have already done a lot of good things and now we have to be patient, work and be motivated to progress. We will correct mistakes and we will progress further,” concluded Slavko Matic

The entire interview of the ambitious mentor can be heard and seen in the video.

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