Marta Vachkova: Today there is a lack of men

My father – Grigor Vachkov, carried the masculine in him, a spirit that is gone now, nowadays there is a lack of masculine men, Martina Vachkova said this evening in Varna, writes BTA.

Within the framework of the “Golden Rose” film festival, whose media partner is BTA, she presented the second edition of the book “Messenger of Men’s Times. Memories of Grigor Vachkov”. Its authors are Silvia Vachkova, Martina Vachkova and Yuriy Dachev. The second edition is published by “Faber”. The book is a tribute to the great Bulgarian actor and appears again thanks to Neiko Genchev and Vladimir Zhitnenski, Vachkova added.

She recalled that “Messenger of Men’s Times” was published 10 years ago on the occasion of her father’s 80th anniversary. “Thank God we did it, because all the others who remember and tell about him are no longer alive,” Vachkova added. And expressed hope that this time the book will reach more people. According to her, as a message, it would be especially valuable for young people. “Many of them are distrusted, and my father’s life is proof that work and effort are worth it and lead to success, his example can inspire them to fight,” Vachkova pointed out. He added that boys can learn how to become men, and girls – what to look for in a partner.

Grigor Vachkov was a unique talent, he was a person who knew how to enjoy every good thing, no matter how big or small, pointed out the editor-in-chief of “Kino” magazine Lyudmila Dyakova. She thinks it’s wonderful that his daughter has inherited these qualities. Today we need such emotional, empathic people, Dyakova pointed out.

Film critic Bozhidar Manov shared his memories of Grigor Vachkov. He compared the actor, who older audiences remember as Mitko Bombata, to diamonds in the rough – born from the magic of nature and actually priceless.


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